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I am trying to make a felted cowboy hat for a monkey I made a few months ago.  Following the directions in Alterknits felt by Leigh Radford, I made 2 swatches, marked off a 4" square on each and felted one to compare to the other. My final measurements on the felted swatch are 3 3/8" width and 2 3/4" for height.  Originally they were each 4".  So the yarn shrinks approximatly 16% width wise and 32% height wise.  Here's where I am running into trouble, my math skills - well they're  basically non-existent.  I know I need a 14" finished circumference for it to fit its head.  I'd like the finished brim to be about 1 -1/2" and the finished crown to be 3-1/2" but need a bit extra so I can create a center crease down the middle of it. I know how to figure a pattern if I didn't felt it, but can't for the life of me figure it out factoring in the felting and amount I need for the shrinkage.  Can anyone help me please?


I am using Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool. Gauge is 4sts per inch, 5.25 rows per inch, size 10 (6.00mm) needles.



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I still have my Mr. F. to finish.
Miss Daphne will love him. My six year old great-nephew loves my DD's Mr. Foster. He thought he was great fun to wrestle with.
That's what I was thinking. Of course, she would probably love him next year...or the next. That takes the pressure off!
She will love him at any age. My DD was 18 when she got hers. When her friends come into her dorm room, they all love him too.
What a guy!
He is a regular little 'stud muffin' - lol.
That he is!

I love all of them are the Felt-Mistress :)

LOL!  Thanks.  He was so much fun to do, and was quite a hit when he arrived at his humans house.  Here he is in all his 'duds'. 


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