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Hi all...

I tried to buy the slipper felted kits from KP..but I got an "sorry" page not available?

Also I am looking for a knitted pattern for felted clogs?

Can anyone help..



aka felting noob lol

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Hi, Camilla!  Here are a few links from Fiber Trends.

Felt Clogs, a boot style slipper, and another boot style slipper with ties.

KP used to carry a book titled, Nordic Felted Knits that has several felted slippers in it. I have this and like these patterns very much.

That's about all I know of.

OMGosh..thanks so much Nutty..

You are a doll.

You're welcome!

Those were ones I thought of also. Plus, Stitch Diva has a pattern here.

Camilla, is everything back in working order? I mean you were able to comment here.

Cheryl...not yet ..but soon I hope lol

I will try Stitch Diva as well..


Oooh very pretty for me...think I will omit the bobbles for my hubby lol

Thanks again

Yes, I'm sure your DH would rather not have the bobbles!

hehe ..maybe as a joke?.

When we were first engaged back in the olden days lol shopping for household items..the sales clerk at Macy's said ..oh better stay away from hate them in a which my hubby piped up...OH I love flowers and showed his checkbook with flowers on the checks lol


What a character! Sounds like something my DH might do. He loves talking to sales clerks. In fact, when we first started practicing law together as Waters & Waters in Houston [oh, my, almost 16 years ago], we would get phone calls for Watters & Watters in Dallas. Watters makes bridal and bridesmaid dresses. We got so many calls for them that we finally looked up the correct phone number. My DH would talk to them, asking if this was really the right guy, etc., etc. and to call us back should things not work out [marriage, not dresses]! Then he would give them the phone number for Watters & Watters. Now that they have a website, we don't get those calls anymore, but we did get a notice once from our health insurance company wanting us to confirm a new employee. Yep, it was Watters & Watters who had the new employee.
LOL way too funny Cheryl


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