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Are you making the gorgeous Arden bag?

I can't wait to make this - it's so beautiful!

Also, be sure to check out the lovely & talented designer Kerin's great blog post on where to find the extras for finishing the bag! It's in the Bag!

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As soon as I finish the current project. this is my next project. I really can't wait! Hope to see everyone's projects!
Yah! Please stick around - I really want to see everyone's finished projects - I'm dying to make it myself. :)
I have to wait to finish Christmas things before I can get started.
Welcome, Joann! We are here for fun, laughs and, of course, knitting.
hmmmm, which size should i make????? what are you all doing?
I plan to do the larger bag.
Hi Cheryl... I just got my kit yesterday and am also going to do the larger bag. Of course I realized after reading the pattern that I have never done almost everything you need to do to make this, but why not a challenge to begin the year? hahaha I haven't read every post since not a lot seemed to be happening, but I saw this from you and wondered if you had started. I'll let you 'hold my hand' through this! hahah Actually, I was amazed by how easy it seems as a pattern. Twice around the chart and Bob's your uncle! I've never done stranded color work though.... The gauge is just ginormous, so that's a plus. With felting, I assume that keeping it loose is the way to go with the knitting and let the felting tightens it all up in a nice thick fabric. I had a pair of 'boiled wool' slippers from Finland that I LOVED. After years, I finally wore through the sole... sniff sniff.... Anyway, I'll be hoping to get into this next week when I'm on vacation. Which will consist of me sitting in my house knitting for myself! hahaha
Marta, I'm finishing up a Hobby Horse for my great niece this weekend and I'm starting a BSJ tonight, but I would love to hold your hand and knit along with you on this.

You are correct, you don't want tight stitches when you are going to felt. If they are too tight, it's hard for the yarn to open up so it can felt. Stranded color work is really not as hard as it looks and I think this is a great project for trying it.

So let me know any questions you may have.
I'm with you! I have a Chunky Noro Jacket that I'm working on and would love to finish, or at least make major headway on. I have a week off next week, but with my list growing longer by the minute, I won't have as much time as I thought I might to just knit. At least I can go from dawn to dark and beyond with nothing but my 'stuff' for a week! yaay! Of course I've wasted two days looking for my seam binding for my jacket pockets and my elastic thread to make an adjustment to one of the Christmas hat ribbing bands. It's the bane of my existence! I 'knew' where these things were, except they aren't! argh. I think I'll just ease my way into the Arden bag (satchel size). I have everything I need except the webbing and maybe I'll put feet on it... Make it easier to set down without getting it dirty. I think you're right about color work practice on this. Since it will be felted, it doesn't matter if you catch your floats or not. I'll practice doing it, but it will all be one mass of fabric at the end.... nice....
But I love the idea of a nice thick piece of fabric for a satchel! So it will be great for practicing.
So do I. I've got to work tomorrow afternoon but then I'm going to start Monday by watching some videos on color work knitting. Practice a bit. We had a great day today having Christmas with the grands near Richmond. I have some delicious photos of the girls in their crazy hats, and their parents in their new hats too. And what a laugh. Tonight when I got home I found that stupid elastic thread I'd been looking for. Oddly, I never needed it as the daughter-in-law's hat was perfect for her. Go figure. I put the thread in my work bag. Don't want to go through that again! I'll be back to you with an update once I get into the work itself.
Can't wait to see the little cuties in their hats!


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