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Susan warned me to be careful when doing the last row of triangles to finish off my scarf, because by then, I'll be comfortable with the pattern and will tend to go on automatic. I'm finding other pitfalls as I go along, such as:
1. Heading the wrong direction after picking my work up
2. Leaving holes where I PU sts (Picking up a whole st rather than just one side seems to work better.)
3. My pattern says to sl the last PU st and P2tog or SSK, depending on whether I'm on back side or public side of my work. Sometimes I forget.
4. I need to M1 in each row of the left edge triangle of the scarf. Sometimes I forget. I have found that, while I normally have 8 sts in a square, the sts in the triangle and the connecting square will add up to 9 from the time I M1 until I P2tog. I use that to check.
I'm finding this pattern hard to put down. It's so much fun to do! I've already used two of my four WotA skeins! I'm loving how the kettle-dyed "Gold" enhances the pattern! --Peggy

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Oh fun... I get to start learning from the mistakes of others before I start! :-) I knew there was a good reason to wait! LOL!
Yes, that's the point, I hope! I forgot to add, "Be careful not to pull your needle out of the sts from a resting square when you turn the one you're working on!" Ouch!
I found a thread on the entrelac group at Ravelry. They were talking about beating up their finished project to make the sts more even. Hmmmm. I wonder if it's really just an outlet for frustration after making one of the mistakes mentioned above...
LOL! No doubt!

I do know that if you'll stretch the crap out of your newly knitted projects lengthwise, it does wonders for the look of evenness in your stitches. :-)
If I could do that to MYSELF, maybe I could get rid of my wrinkles! What a good idea! :-} --Peggy
Learned that little trick from the Sweater Workshop... sorry only works on the crochet and knitting "wrinkles"... not people wrinkles.

I tug on them widthwise, then lengthwise like crazy... works well. :-)
People wrinkles? --P


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