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I hope that I can upload the pics. I am starting gloves to go with the set. I do have a problem with the top of my hats, they come out with small gaps toward the top where the DPNS are.

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LOL Cheryl...thank you ...would you believe I just read this today...geez...not too behind huh?...

With health issues and lifes challenges...I stay behind

I consider my knitting an intermediate learner lol...a bit more advanced on crochet..but still learning.




Congratulations. I love the colors! One of the tricks on blocking berets is to use a plate. I believe Susan has used this method.

Hello fellow Entrelac'ers! I am a newbie at knitting. I found this design and really like it. I "owe" my mom a scarf, so I found a pattern and started the pattern over the weekend. I am new at knitting, but I was shocked at how simple this pattern really long as you keep count on your rows!


I posted a picture of my progress below. I have gotten a little further than what shows in the picture. After the black/gray weave, I am going with just gray for most of the length, and then I will revert back to the black/grey at the other end to finish.


One thing that I have been pretty bummed out about is the BACK of the pattern. It really is 'messy', and with the nature of a scarf, it will be hard to NOT show the back when twisting it around your neck. I chose to go to gray for most of the length because of this reason. I feel that using only one color will not show where the sts are picked up as much. I actually considered doing a simple ribbed pattern scarf of the same size to sew to the back and enclose the back of the Entrelac. Anyone know how to make this technique look better on the back?


Thanks, and I appreciate the community/site!



I've done a bit of entrelac myself, and have never used a backing or anything.  I guess this could be done, but not sure exactly how to do it. Your knitting looks fine for a newbie.  Good work!

Can you tell me how exactly to Block Entrelac? Maybe it will look better once I weave in my ends and block it? The problem that I have is on the two drastic colors. When Picking up and Purling Gray, the Gray yarn "runs" from black sts to black sts. It is on the back, but you end up with gray "runners", and black sts that 'poke up' because of the pick ups.



Mark I have done a coat with Entrelac and did not block it, it would loose the look of it if it was blocked.  You could sew on a lining on the back of the scarf and that would make it nice.


I lightly blocked my entrelac scarf... not completely pulling out the shape... but then I always wet block everything. 

Thanks! Again, I am new at this, and have never blocked anything that I have completed. My trophies only include a couple pairs of socks, booties, hats, and now this scarf. Can you please describe to me how to "lightly block" the scarf? I am so scared that I will get it wet and it will weaken into a ball of string like one of my hats did that I was trying to block for fun. I made a test hat out of Walmart "Red Heart" soon as I put it into the water, the sts became 1 sts = 5 inches. This is an exaggeration of course, but the hat became completely grew 10 sizes and the sts are literary gaped now.

Any help would be WONDERFUL and greatly appreciated!

Mark do you mean your item fell apart ......all stitches.....or just became "limp"? I have used Red Heart years ago but never blocked it I just didn't care for Red Heart so stopped using it.

I may not explain this right but with wool and after blocking it holds it shape wonderfully.

With your scarf you may want to pin it out and then spray it with water to dampen it that would work just fine and you're not having to soak it.

That is what I do a lot of time I pin my item out, spray it then pat it so the water soaks in works great for me.


Sorry Jean, I overlooked your reply the first time. I don't mean that my work fell apart...I did a horrible job in describing that one! You hit the nail on the head. It was more like the work lost its elasticity and became a lot bigger. I HATE red heart yarn now too. I have discovered much better materials, but it is a good/cheap yarn to use when learning to knit. Anyways, my Entrelac is made out of Vanna White's Yarn, and I think it's 92% Acrylic, and 8% Rayon...or something like that. I think I will knit a quick swatch and try blocking that first to see the result before ruining my entire work!

Thanks ;)

Mark, I know a lot of knitters who have never blocked anything, so do not feel too alone.  I went ages and NEVER blocked anything, because I didn't realize the value of doing so.  Blocking acrylic is probably a useless task, as those fibers do not take to blocking.  However is you are using a wool or wool blend, blocking can enhance the finished item.  I use a light sudsy hot water (tap hot), and soak my finished item a few minutes..maybe 10-15.  Then I rinse it in warm running water.  I then squeeze out (do not wring) as much of the water as possible.  Finally I lay the item flat on a heavy bath towel and roll up for about 20-30 minutes.  The finished item should be damp, but no longer soaking wet.  Now lay your scarf on a  flat surface (bed, blocking mats) and pin to the shape you want... do not stretch it out...when dry it should be perfect.  Hope this helps.  And I'm others will chime in with their own methods.

Thanks a million! What do you think caused the hat that I made to just "fall apart" as soon as it touched water? Is the Red Heart Walmart yarn very very cheap, or is it just the blend that it's made of? Sorry for so many questions, but you are educating me :)


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