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I hope that I can upload the pics. I am starting gloves to go with the set. I do have a problem with the top of my hats, they come out with small gaps toward the top where the DPNS are.

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beautiful job!  Entreloc is on my todo list.
Thanks,   It is really fun to do & The Patterns are wonderful.  There are so many things you can do with this type of work.   I even bought a Book here on the site on Enterlac knitting.  

Where do I go for these Entrelac knitting patterns?

OMG,  I finished my project.   I made a Scarf, Beret (sp)( I have questions on knitting a Beret), & I even knitted a pair of Mittens( my 1st time attemping goves/mittens).   As soon as I get a chance  I will Show my Pics.


Question on knitting a beret(sp)  Even though, I knitted it in the enterlac pattern.  It looks more like a Hat/cap than a beret.   Did I do something wrong?     

I think once you block the beret (spelling IS correct), it will look a lot better.... mine did.
That looks really good! I like entreloc, it kinda hard for me to follow but I will try it again.

I thought that it was hard too at 1st.  However, It is a repeated pattern & you will get the hang of it after a bit. It is a Back & forth pattern stitch. Once I got the hang of it after about a week I started in on the hat( which I finished before the Scarf).  Now, I have started on the Gloves( another 1st).  Still trying to get used to using DPNS.  But, I am so proud of myself for being able to do this type of knitting.  I will say though, that Enterlac does take up more Yarn than straight knitting.   


Another thing I learned while Doing this kind of Stitch, was Backward Knitting( instead of Purling) I am almost a Pro at this also.  :)

I loved your pictures you are doing a great job.  When you get to the top of the hat and you have run a strand of yarn through the last of your stitches just pull it tight to close that gap, some times instead of pulling to close it up but to move one strand at a time down to the top of the hat then tighten it up will help.


You could also knit 2 together and do a decrease before closeing the gap  that would help, I just finished a sweater Coat in Enrelac and I have to confess I'm having my girl friend do the sleeves for me because I found it boring.


I also don't use DPNS until the very top I use a circular to do almost all of my knitting, I use DPNS for when the sitches get to small to use a circular. 


Entreloc is very easy but I'll stick to small stuff now.  Good luck with what you are doing, you're doing a great job.


Thanks,  for the Tips.


I too also do most of my knitting on Cir needles.  I did change to DPNS once at the top of the hat & down to about 25 stitches.  The hole at the top of the hat was fine.  I did run a some yarn through the remaining stitches.  It was the stitches( ladder) in between the DPNS that seem to leave a little gap.  It is not really that bad looking. Just a few open spaces.    I am just to proud of myself for doing the hat.   & it was only my second hat.  My 1st hat was a  basic hat just to see if I could do it.  My mittens that I am making will be just plain mittens.  No Enterlac at all.   These will be my test mittens( to see if I can get it done)

When you move from one needle to the other, be sure to snug up the first stitch or two really tight. That will help prevent those gaps caused by too long a ladder in between stitches.

Hi Panther...beautifully done..

I agree with Jean and Cheryls tips....both are seasoned knitters as well..

I did the entrelac tote I purchased from knit picks..and loved the results..

Entrelac like a lot of different knitting techniques..just take getting used I find if I just keep plugging away it usually works out...mine was felted both were a fun experience..

Do you have patterns to share..IF not copywritten?..

*´¨)¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)Thank you! for sharing (¸.·´ (¸.·*





Well, Camilla, I think you are a pretty seasoned knitter as well.


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