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Ok here goes, my finished project.  Hope this works.  My next project that I will be starting as I mentioned before is the Architecture Hat & Mittens.  

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Just lovely. I think the colors were great and you did a wonderful job. Be proud! Beverly

beautiful job.  Well done.  Next pic should be you modeling them :)

Good God NOOOOOOOOOOOO :)  I hate how I look in pictures.   Never like taking them, meanwhile everyone tells me that I take great pics & look great.     Em Ok if they say so. ;)


Thanks though

Very nice! 

Very nice! I'm adding your pictures here because I always end up closing the discussion rather than going back to the discussion and I want everyone to easily see your creations. You can add it yourself by clicking on the second icon from the left above the comment bar. That is unless you have an iPad. Then you will havet to get directions from Peggy Stuart on how to do it.

thanks for the putting up my pictures.      I took the pics with my blackberry  & for some crazy reason I was not able to copy them to my computer.    I plan on buying a tablet for my birthday/Christmas present to my self.  ;)  that will be my one big purchase for myself this year ( I treat myself once a year to a nice gift.   I usually buy a Handbag or nie piece of jewelry)

There is a way to email pictures from your smart phone to your page and then you can post your photos from your page. Peggy knows much more about how to do this than I do because I typically post from my computer.

I see that there has not been much activity here, but I hope that changes, hello everyone.

Hello everyone!

how's your projects coming along!!! well I  would like to learn how to crochet intrtrelac. So bare with me I Will get to this soon, I have been on some sites like the you tube on the follow along with this one lady to crochet entrelac so maybe I need to go ove that one again, give you guys feed back on my progress with this one. And as it was posted here there isn't much acticity here, and of course we see some updates on here.

Debbie, you might check in the Crochet Along also. There are some terrific crocheters over there. I follow them but can't crochet worth a hoot.

OK thank you for the information I will give that a try. Just finally started this new project here on the entrelace knitting: Loving it.

No, there hasn't been must activity here lately, but just post something if you need anything. And one of us will get back to you.


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