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We have a discussion topic to ask for help, how about one to post helpful hints and tricks we've picked up for entrelac patterns. I have one to start.

The sweater I'm currently working on (Prussian Jewels by Gwen Bortner, from Knitter's Magazine, Summer 2008) has both garter stitch and stockinette stitch entrelac blocks. I didn't have any trouble remembering my SSK joins on either the garter stitch or the "right side" stockinette blocks, but I missed a couple of the P2tog joins on the "wrong side" blocks where the joins are done on the purl rows. This pattern uses a foundation row between the sets of blocks - you change color and pick up all the stitches from the previous row of blocks before starting any of the next blocks, so I put a stitch marker after every set of stitches that should make a block. That way if I am not at the next marker when I've completed the number of rows for a block, I know I've missed a 2tog join somewhere. Plus I only have to frog the current block to find the mistake (instead of taking out 6 or 8 like I did last night to fix my missed purls).

Anyone else have "learned from experience" tricks to share?

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What a good idea. I've only made the scarf, but I learned that you just have to forge ahead, even though the directions sound weird. Also, I had holes when I picked up only one side of the st. I got a better result from picking up a whole st. Also, Cat Bordhi's instructions for making the SSK look as neat as the K2Tog would be helpful next time I do one. --P
One of the handiest things I learned for entrelac is how to knit backwards. I hate having to turn my knitting every 10 stitches (or whatever small number of stitches each block is), and knitting backwards is actually surprisingly easy, so it's a great skill to learn. The only time I have found it doesn't help is when I'm doing the side triangles, I just can't seem to increase stitches backwards.
I would like to learn that, but I haven't been able to figure it out myself. Do you have any links to a good video demo of it? I agree that it must be really useful to do when working entrelac.
I didn't have a video or anything, I just started a purl stitch, then turned my knitting around to see how it worked and looked as a knit stitch going right. I kept doing this until I figured out how it looked and felt. It took me maybe an hour until I was knitting backwards as comfortably as I knit forward.
I tried doing it on my Nonna Shawl, but it was so much slower than just turning it around. I need to practice that just on its own. I don't have any trouble doing the backside of intarsia, but there are some other things (such as short rows) where it would be nice to be able to knit backwards. --P
Youtube has a bunch of videos on backward knitting! Since I'm a bit bassackward it wasn't hard for me, esp. Since I learned throwing first!
Thanks! That's on my list for next year. --P

The latest KP podcast is all about entrelac and it highlights lots of tips and tricks for working with entrelac designs. Also, we had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Rosemary Drysdale, author of Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting. Stacey also talks with Michele Bernstein (IDP designer) about her beautiful entrelac infinity scarf.


If you are intersted, you can go here to hear more about the wonders of entrelac :)

Thanks! I still need to listen to it!

Hope you enjoy it :)

Both Rosemary and Michelle give excellent advice. Kerin also chats with Alison and gives tons of great info on characteristics of entrelac fabric when knitted up and how to use it to your advantage.


I did enjoy it! Thanks for your part in bringing it to us!


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