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I am trying to work on the next purple square along the white square. As I keep working the square it seems to be going back to the purple square instead of the next white square. I just finished the Working the Knit Squares section of the pattern. Maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks Tamara

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Are you picking up stitches along the white square? It's been awhile since I have done entrelac.
Yes, I am picking up stitches along the white square to the left of the purple/
You should have started your purple on the left side of the piece where the white triamgle leaves off... with entrelac you will work your way across the piece from left to right (beginning triangles), then from right to left (end triangles and right leaning rectangles), then from left to right again (left leaning rectangles)... If this doesn't help, I'll try to think of another way to explain it. ♥s
I started left to right. So should I undo the purple to the right and start it on the left triangle?
Yes you should, with the stitches on that needle on the left side of the picture... you will pick up the stitches on the wrong side of the piece.
You will NEVER be leaving any stitches on a needle not used, like you show in your picture.
Tamara, I think you have started this correctly. Your right-slanting rectangles will be worked from the left to right. The left-slanting rectangles will be worked from right to left. You will pick up the next purple left-slanting rectangle along that first white rectangle on the right side of your work.

So the first "row" will be picking up the knit sts from right to left.
The second "row" will be purl.
The third "row" will be K8, SSK [the first slipped st will be your last purple st and the second slipped st will be from the live sts on the next white rectangle]
The fourth "row" will be purl.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until all the live sts from the white rectangle are used.

The last purple rectangle will be done the same but using the live sts from the left side triangle.

You will then repeat the white row again as you did the first time.

Then you will do another group of purple triangles.

Let us know if you need further help.

PS: Some patterns will call it a square and others will call it a rectangle. It is really shaped more like a rectangle because there are about twice as many rows as sts per rectangle.


Have you tried going on you tube??? well when you go to the website of you tube type in And this lady will guide you through the steps. Don't know if that is helpfull to you.



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