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I love seeing photos of hand dyed yarns, they're always so beautiful in the skein. Show me your yarn! Please!

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Elaine i'm so excited for you! Dharma has great dyes and I have their citric acid and glaubers salt as well. I read on their site that you can use their Fiber Reactive dyes on wool as well and did a test last weekend. I'll try to post a photo shortly. Which dye colors did you end up getting? Aren't they all so pretty?

Am so glad your last batches came out better! Be sure to post photos!

Today I used a plastic veggie bag for my dyeing and it worked very well... held together and kept the fiber from moving too much... the fiber looks great inspite of the dyeing process... Not the same as the nylon net, but the same principle.

I too have use the plastic veggie bags.  They work very well indeed. 

Guess I should keep those veggie bags...I've been throwing them out!

Christina, I got the Lilac and the Sage premetalized dyes. Cushing's Lilac looks more like a pink lilac and Dharma's looks more like a blue or purple lilac. I am planning to dye on Monday. I want to do a batch of each Lilac and Sage on Polwarth. Right now I am knitting the "Must Have Cardigan/Pattons pattern" with Aqualon Blue that I dyed. I have 24 oz Dyed and spun, ready to go. I am loving it! My mottled Aqualon Blue is showing up as highlights and lowlights in my knitting. I plan to alternate skeins as I go since I dyed 4 batches each was 6 oz. Also I saw some beautiful weaving a lady named Heidimonkey on Ravelry did with multi colored rovings. So many choices, never enough time to try it all!! LOL

Wonderful! Your dyes came out nicely. Isn't Dharma great? I saw they have a new collection of dyes that are Zombie themed! Cool! Also check out Country Classic Dyes, they have a good selection of color. So glad you're enjoying the process. It's always amazing to me to see how the projects come out. . .

aloha all! here are some 'Sunsets' for this week.

this is SUNSET SEA ALASKA in superwash merino lace yarn

and corriedale wool

from the inspirational photo taken in Alaska

and a variation of an older colorway, LIGURE SUNSET 2 in merino/silk lace yarn

and merino/tencel wool

and the inspirational photo taken in Northern Italy


Wow, these are pretty, especially the Mer/ten in Ligure Sunset 2. 

Oh I really love the second colorway so much!!  That mer/ten is calling my name!  Gorgeous!

Thanks Wendy and Bren :) I just love how shiny Mer/ten is. I'm ordering more tomorrow . . . along with some polwarth/silk since i keep drooling over YOUR creations. need.more.wool.

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You are so generous, Christina!


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