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Aloha! You all knew this was coming . . . show off your hand dyed roving or fiber!!

I dyed up my first batch of KP's Superwash Merino/Nylon and Merino/Silk - so yummy, fluffy, soft and heavenly . . .

Please post your photos and comments - Can't wait to see all your creations!

Here is my SW Merino/Nylon:

and the Merino/Silk:

~ christina

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Especially at 30% off!

Very definitely! 

LOL! I was hoping to advertise early in the morning, but no one posted a new May discussion so I had to wait until last night. Boy, you guys have kept me busy packing - thank you! I had to stop to make dinner when hubby came home but I'll try to get the rest out today (orders #1 will be delivered to the post office this AM at the very least). I'm just about cleaned out of roving which is fantastic!  Ok, off to print and pack. Thanks so much!

Now how cool is that?  Pretty cool!

Christina, did you see that Moppett has asked the first person to post new fiber to start the thread? She has asked the same of the spindle makers.

I did see that Cheryl so that's great. I didn't want to start the post yesterday since I wasn't sure what the protocol was and didn't want to step on anyone's toes. But I'm glad she said that so we don't have to be shy about starting a new discussion :)

You are an enabling sweetheart! 

Do I get it, too?  Or was I too early?

Ah, the sale is for existing yarn and fiber that's already on the shoppe as I'm trying to move some inventory to make room for new stuff :)

Gotcha!  NP! 

 I had bought 4 oz of falkland from a dyer on etsy and really liked spinning it and wanted to try a bit more.  I bought a pound of it a while back from paradise fibers and finally got around to playing with it this past weekend. I tried out 3 different colorways that I made swatches for in my color schemer software and I love the way they turned out.  I still have 4 oz left and I have no idea what to do with it.  I was thinking blues maybe or something beachy.  I don't have names for any of them as I plan on spinning these babies up myself this summer!!  I just wanted to show them off!!  I'm so proud of them :-)

beautiful Bren! i love them all - nicely done.


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