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Aloha! You all knew this was coming . . . show off your hand dyed roving or fiber!!

I dyed up my first batch of KP's Superwash Merino/Nylon and Merino/Silk - so yummy, fluffy, soft and heavenly . . .

Please post your photos and comments - Can't wait to see all your creations!

Here is my SW Merino/Nylon:

and the Merino/Silk:

~ christina

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Oh, don't worry, there WILL be pictures.

I agree, mossy green sounds great.

I think they look quite nice!

Thanks!  I took them to my knitting group today, and the ladies there liked the look of them, and thought they would look knitting up together.  Very subtle shades. 

This make me want to get the dandelions out of the freezer right now - lol!  Got to finish other things first though. 

I heard that!  Makes we want to clear the slate for the GOOD stuff.

I just got done reading Spinning in the Old Way this morning.  Really great book!  Very informative.  Now I want to try some of the things she was talking about, both on my wheel and on a drop spindle.  This looks like another reference book my private library needs.  :o) I think we need a time machine here - lol.

Our library has that book and I read it the first year I started spinning... it should probably be in my library as well.  I took some notes about things I wanted to remember.  Time machine?  Probably!  But some unlimited database of useful spinning, dyeing and other fiber information. There are TOO many good books out there.

I just wish I could remember all these useful pointers and techniques.  I've read so many good ones, but I have trouble remembering it all.  Glad I'm not in school - lol. 

Good idea!  Maybe I should start a notebook, then re-type it all on the computer, because I can't read my own handwriting when I have to write a lot. 

I try to keep as much stuff on the computer as possible.  My penmanship used to be perfect, but alas, as I have aged, it HAS deteriorated. 

Amazon has that book in Kindle format for only $14... not too bad a deal.

i totally agree. i've tried to limit the amount of books i buy because i simply can't remember everything i read, but i like having good reference books. i'm still waiting to get the Fleece & Fiber book but am running out of shelf/closet/living space. tee hee.

off topic, but somewhat related. . . my last order of wool arrived and i hurriedly put the wool away, broke down the cardboard box and had pretty much everything in it's place by the time hubby came home. whew! the next day, he walks into the storage closet, comes out and says "Your yarn stash is out of control!". I responded "It's not just yarn, it's wool too!" (as if that matters).am thinking i can't buy any more books either . . . LOL!!

wendy - i'm watching Deb Menz' video 'Dyeing in the Kitchen' and thought of you. she goes over toning down colors with complementary colors (opposite side of the color wheel) which was really interesting!

Lol!  I hear you loud and clear.  Mine doesn't see the stash, only the bills.  If only I could pay them with cash, then I think he'd be unaware - hehehe.  I don't suppose you were able to get a picture of what 30#s of wool looked like before he came home.  I hope it didn't put a damper on the weekend's celebrations though. 

Do you have Deb Menz's Color in Spinning book?  This is also a very good reference book.  Lots of interesting stuff in there.  Sure wish I had 30 pounds of wool to play around with - lol. 


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