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Aloha! You all knew this was coming . . . show off your hand dyed roving or fiber!!

I dyed up my first batch of KP's Superwash Merino/Nylon and Merino/Silk - so yummy, fluffy, soft and heavenly . . .

Please post your photos and comments - Can't wait to see all your creations!

Here is my SW Merino/Nylon:

and the Merino/Silk:

~ christina

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Very pretty!  Have you found anything to your liking yet?  The idea of a toy really appeals to me (I know, I'm a sucker for toys - lol), but I keep thinking the toy could be named   - of course, Olivia!  That would be pretty special to a 4 year old, a toy named after her, made just for her.  Just saying... ... ... :o)

Oh, that is a good idea.  :) 

Pickle, I'm glad to see you on here.  I've been worried about you due to the weather. 

I was worried too!  The town of Harveyville KS was hit by a tornado the other night (home of Nikol Lohr's Yarn School- the Harveyville Project).  I haven't found out yet if the school was damaged.  It's only about 85 miles south of here- I really ought to go to it one of these years.  :\   

I haven't watched the news to see how things panned out later, but initial estimates were that 60% of the town was destroyed.  Population 240.  We had super super high winds with that storm but just straight line winds.  This time! 

That's awful.  I hope the school was spared, but more importantly that no one there was hurt.  I sure hope that the weather they're predicting for this weekend does not come to fruition.  It sounds crazy and scarey.  But I am so glad to hear you are fine. 

I hope you do make it to this school sometime.  It sounds so cool beans! 

Someone on Ravelry was also talking about that tornado. I assume since they were talking about a town of 240 being wiped out, that it must be the same one. Wish I could remember who it was. I want to say Flutterbys, but I know that's wrong. Wait, it was definitely BlushingEwe! She's in Topeka.

Oh, it's been too long since I've read this thread!  Ugh the weather.  I feel for all the families affected. 

You are right.  It would have been perfect, Wendy.  But I didn't have a toy pattern that I liked.  I got one today -- a free pattern that uses NORO yarn from  It is adorable, but I'd already started the shawlette. 


ETA:  It's a rabbit -- perfect for Easter.  Might do it anyway, even if I don't use the Olivia yarn.

Ooh, I don't have to find it on Rav! I really like it.

Jo, I am so glad you claimed's perfect for your purpose :D)

Yea for Jo and Olivia!!!  Booo Hooo for me! =( 

I really, really like this one Bren!!  I'm now officially starting a 'Bren Wishlist' to join the 'Christina Wishlist'!  Just thought I'd warn you!!

I'm so glad you got this for Olivia.


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