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Newbie Question> Can you use oxide powders to dye yarn?

I've tried researching this but I can't find anything on the internet to help me.  I have a large collection oxide powders that I use as colorants for various other projects (mostly ceramics and soap).  Just a very small bit goes a long way. 

Have any of you used oxides for yarn?  I have Jaquard acid dyes but I'd love to be able to use my oxides as well if I could.  They are the water soluable kind.  I have some ultra marines that are just gorgeous.

I have some bulky weight yarn that I'm itching to dye.  I want to make my yorkie a sweater (lol).


Thanks so much ladies.


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I can't answer your question about dye, but I found a great pattern for a dog coat, which I'm going to make for Rocky and Sunny as soon as the Swish colors I want come in. It's the Biscuit and Bones Dog Coat from Patons. You can get to it from Ravelry, but you have to sign up with Patons (no charge) to get it. One advantage is it's in several different sizes. They are between two sizes, but it looks like it should be easy to adjust. The pattern is really cute!
Have you checked over on Ravelry?
Bren - if you have waste yarn you can always try dyeing with your oxides and seeing if that works. I did read online that some ultramarines are pigments rather than dyes (ie. suspended, not soluable), but if yours are water soluable, might be worth a test.
Yes that's what I was thinking too.  I think I might just try it on some scrap yarn I have...that's a good idea.  I honestly was just curious.  Since I have so many, it would be nice to use them.  Thanks Christina!

I have been researching the same thing. It appears that the Japanese paint on silk with oxides. They first soak their cloth (you propbably have yarn) in soymilk. Then when it is dry, they mix their oxide powders with soymilk and paint it on. Then they let it dry and cure in a warm dry spot for a month. Then they wash it and voila it is color-fast. I haven't tried it yet, but I understand you can either make your own soymilk from soybeans or just purchase some from your grocery store.


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