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I am curious what project and yarn each of us is going to try and why.

Do you need help picking a first time project and yarn? Here are some tips:


- worsted weight is great for beginning projects because it is easy to see the
stitches and "read" your work.

- cotton/silk/bamboo/acrylic re NOT a good fiber choice for first
project.  They don't have much give so any inconsistencies in stitches
tend to show up more. Wool/alpaca/blends are more forgiving and will also respond
well to blocking to even out stitch gauge and shaping.


Balance the complication - simple stitches or single color with more advanced
shaping OR several stitch types or colors with simple shaping.  Since all
crochet stitches are based on the chain, don't be afraid of trying a pattern
with more than single crochet and double crochet stitches.  We can help
you through the tricky parts.

Most of all, pick a yarn and pattern that you really love to invest your time
and talent in!

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I get what you are saying, but I enjoyed working on it and that is worth something.  I do agree, especially on the computer bag, because of the DK weight and me being a beginner it took hours, and hours to crochet the body of the bag, I still have to do the straps.  I would NEVER be able to charge what it is worth time wise!  But to be able to give it to my sister as a gift, as the commercial says...priceless.  I am glad I have started to crochet it gives me a portable creative outlet.  My other main hobby is sewing and it is not so easy to take with you.  8 )

Boy, Carole, that is exactly why I love knitting — its portability.

And, yes, gifting is fantastic. I took up doing the Christmas stockings when my mom passed away. I know she did hundreds. I've only done about 50, but I would neve sell them.

You think like my mom, I think like my grandma.  She didn't drive so rarely left home. She loved to work with yarn and made the most amazing things, but in her mind, her time cost her nothing, and she would charge just over what the supplies cost her.  It used to make my mom crazy that she charged so little. (:

Amanda, that is the sad thing. Once someone asked me to make a Christmas stocking for $25. When I laughed she then asked what about $50. When I told her that would barely cover the cost of the yarn and would pay me nothing for my time, she was insulted that I would even think of asking more than $50 for a Christmas stocking. I would much rather gift them to those I love.

I have been dying to start this Felted Booga Bag ever since I dyed some yarn. Oh, my, dying yarn is so addicting. The problem is, once you dye some yarn you have to make it into a project. Well, I've now gotten six balls of yarn that need to be made into projects. If anyone is interested in dying yarn (and I warned you how addicting it is), check out the Dye-Along forum. You'll really get some good ideas as well as encouragement on your own projects.

That's going to be lovely in your yummy yarns, Anna!! 

Hi everyone, I am just starting to crochet and I was wondering what brand of hooks I should get. I already knit so I am familiar with gauge and weight. I really like doing bags, socks, mittens, and the occasional scarf. I would really apreciate some help,

Thanks, Blaine.

Hi, Blaine! And Welcome!! =)

Hooks usually become a thing of personal preference.  The standard brands you'll find at department stores (ie. Wal-Mart), and that are a little lower on the expense scale, are Susan Bates and Boye.  These are made of aluminum but differ slightly in their shape. 

The Boye are more graduated and rounded at the tip and have a rounded edge to the hook portion.

The Susan Bates are the same diameter to the tip, and not rounded at the edges.

I prefer the Boye, my daughter prefers the Susan Bates.

There are also lots of other brands you are more likely to find at specialty shops like a LYS (Local Yarn Store), or a craft store like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Joann.

If price is an issue, the Boye and Susan Bates work very well, and will make your money go farther.

thanks nutty, i think i am going with the boyes. I am working on my project bag right now (Yes, I still dont have one, so why not just make one). It uses a shell repeat and I looks absolutly beautiful worked up in a light purple yarn. 

Good for you!!  My 5yo daughter is learning to crochet.  She was given yarn and a set of 4 hooks for her birthday.  She decided to make a project bag as her first crochet project.  That sure impressed mom!!  My motto is, "Give everything a place where it belongs and then put it where it belongs!"  She's starting out right! =)

Purple is my color right now, so I'm not going to argue that it will be beautiful!

For beginners, I'd *definitely* recommend the Susan Boyle, it has a very deep hook so your yarn won't slip out.

Hello everyone!

 I am just starting to crochet blanket . I picked a pattern out of a book (200 stitch patterns for baby blankets) on page 92. Bright waves. So I went through my stash and found what I need to crochet this blanket. The color I went with are Red Heart Comfort yarn (medium weight) in RED & BLACK. I will post my  progress picture in later on. Happy crocheting ladies.


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