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I am curious what project and yarn each of us is going to try and why.

Do you need help picking a first time project and yarn? Here are some tips:


- worsted weight is great for beginning projects because it is easy to see the
stitches and "read" your work.

- cotton/silk/bamboo/acrylic re NOT a good fiber choice for first
project.  They don't have much give so any inconsistencies in stitches
tend to show up more. Wool/alpaca/blends are more forgiving and will also respond
well to blocking to even out stitch gauge and shaping.


Balance the complication - simple stitches or single color with more advanced
shaping OR several stitch types or colors with simple shaping.  Since all
crochet stitches are based on the chain, don't be afraid of trying a pattern
with more than single crochet and double crochet stitches.  We can help
you through the tricky parts.

Most of all, pick a yarn and pattern that you really love to invest your time
and talent in!

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I think I would try the Granny Shrug too. It is simple yet an interesting way to create a garment. But in a worsted weight yarn for my daughter, she is almost 8 years. I guess that the size could be done as you crochet and try it on.
That shrug is just to cute to not try. How many of the Shine worsted skeins do you think would be needed if double stranding them? I am not to good at substitution of yarn.
I'm tackling a crocheted lace shawl... Diamonds Shawl from the upcoming book from Interweave, Crochet So Fine -- this book will be available first part of July... awesome projects! Gives me a new perspective on crochet... I'm using Stroll Tonal in Gypsy - a gorgeous red... a rather ambitious project but I'm so excited to get going on it! I'll update you as the project moves along... I'll post pictures next week...
Kim this book has so many amazing projects I can't wait to get a copy. Kristin Omdahl is one of my fav designers. She is very innovative.

The Diamonds shawl is spectacular. I'd like to try the belted shawl as well.
I was eyeing the belted shawl as well, it's gorgeous! - and it's in my color!!!
I'm going to try to make a few of these lamps with different colors of CotLin. I bookmarked this blog post ages ago, hopefully the CAL will give me the motivation to get 'em done!
Angela, those are so cool!
those are so cool... I might have to take a look at those too!!!
These are really beautiful! I have done similar just dipping different string/yarn in modpodge and wrapping around the balloon. I REALLY like the idea of them being crocheted. Thanks for sharing these.
I am going to do a backpack pattern i found on Lion Brand. I have a HUGE roll of Sensations brushed yarn that someone gave me and i havent thought about what to do with it. The color is Berry rainbow and it is 100% Acrylic. I like the acrylics but since i have been introduced to merino and alpaca, i am trying to get away from it. lol I just have to wiat till next month to afford it. :D
Acrylics are great for things like backpacks that you want to be durable and washable. Thank goodness for KP making more yarns affordable and accessible to us!
Jennifer, I have tons of acrylic yarn and use it for anything that I want to be easy care and hold up forever. Things like amigurumi's and purses are really great in good old Red Heart Super Saver. There are some very nice, soft acrylic yarns too and they can be used for lots of other things.

That being said, I have been doing some research because so many people (me included) love baby items made from soft acrylic because it holds up and can be machine washed. However, anyone who uses it for garments should know that it is extremely dangerous around flames and even the best baby yarns I have been able to find are not treated to be flame resistant.

I have been looking for a way to change that, maybe something you can spray on or wash the fiber in to make them flame retardant.

Do any of you on the staff here have any thoughts on this?


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