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I am curious what project and yarn each of us is going to try and why.

Do you need help picking a first time project and yarn? Here are some tips:


- worsted weight is great for beginning projects because it is easy to see the
stitches and "read" your work.

- cotton/silk/bamboo/acrylic re NOT a good fiber choice for first
project.  They don't have much give so any inconsistencies in stitches
tend to show up more. Wool/alpaca/blends are more forgiving and will also respond
well to blocking to even out stitch gauge and shaping.


Balance the complication - simple stitches or single color with more advanced
shaping OR several stitch types or colors with simple shaping.  Since all
crochet stitches are based on the chain, don't be afraid of trying a pattern
with more than single crochet and double crochet stitches.  We can help
you through the tricky parts.

Most of all, pick a yarn and pattern that you really love to invest your time
and talent in!

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Kelley just showed me the book 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans and I immediately took off with it to decide on a project! She thought of me because I'm a quilter first and it's laid out much like a quilting block library. The first few pages show many different variations on the granny square, but with a decidedly modern twist. Then the next pages show how to take those squares and lay them out into a pattern, and use different combinations of squares for different effects. I just placed my order! I'm making Eastern Promise out of Swish DK. It's a large throw that combines a flower square and a mitered corner square - I can't wait to start on it!
Maybe I'll drag Tina into this and make her learn to crochet! She's in the office right next door to me! :)
I am adding that book to my wish list! So many possibilities!
I think this is a natural project for a quilter to tackle in crochet. That book is an excellent resource for this.
I'll be working on some Zodiac dishclothes. The pattern is a knit pattern that I will be converting to tunisian crochet.

Here's a link to some pics -

Hope the link works.
Oh Charlotte, I like those dish cloths! I've never done tunisian crochet- can't wait to see some.
Those dishcloths are awesome. Can't wait to see photos. I have never seen tunisian crochet. Looking forward to learning about something new. :)
Great patterns to convert to Tunisian! I love dishcloths and these are really cute.
I am really into shawls lately, so I think I'll find a good patetrn for a shawl and crochet one!!
If you are really new to crochet, you may think about doing something like this Granny Shrug in a double stranded cotton or wool worsted. You could learn the granny pattern first then make something really cool with it! (and super easy!) I would make it in a double strand of Shine worsted. Actually, I may have to do this.
Jane, this is super cute. I love the idea of making it with cotton for summer. Shine is so nice to work and there are some great new summer colors. I may have to stash dive for some chunky/bulky and make one up for my grand daughter. I am pretty sure I have some left-over KP Crayon in there!

I suppose you could use any granny pattern for this- I wonder how a circular granny would look? Just fill in the the sholders a bit at the neck...hmm...guess I know what I'll be playing with today!
That would be super cute in the whisker colorway. This yarn would double strand well, to. For something brighter I like the azure of the jalapeno, but I look horrible in green. Sigh


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