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here are some I made earlier.....they are the first crochet flowers I have made

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I have to learn how to carry the yarn across... Well, I'm hoping I get smart this year and use some of my scrap yarn to teach myself how to do stuff, I got caught up in the *have to make* mode. I tend to take time off from crafting for a bit after the craziness of getting things done for C'mas.

Oh, Diana, that really turned out cute. Where's my ❤ button?


Super-fine chenille hat, scarf, and fingerless mits Skipper

I'm not sure I know Domo-Kun---is he a character of a cartoon? What about Skipper? Now, the hat set is the colors of my husbands's alma mater---Arizona State Sun Devils. All very nice.

I just thought it would look cool, didn't know it was a schools colors... Domo is a game character, and Skipper is from Penguins of Madagascar.  (:

Cute.  The hat and scarf colors were the Berlin American High School colors, too.


(fed up with posting here...the wait and repeating over and over isn't worth it)  :/

Why, where else are you posting Diana?

Ravelry.  Join us...  Crochet Maniacs group.  I post on and off there.  (along with other groups)

Hope this post doesn't take forever my tushi is burning...I'll have to stand.  bwg

LOL!  I don't know why it takes so long for yours to post, mine go right away....

Too cute!

I guess I haven't posted a pic of the yoga socks I made for my massage therapist. They were super easy. Let me back up a bit---I had made my son a hat with a "beard" and I used the Bamboo Skull Cap pattern. I learned a technique there on how to attach a single crochet back-loop-only rib after you make your main piece. Prior to that I had only known how to make a rib then continue on to the main piece, such as a mitten. On this pattern you make the hat then add the blo rib brim. Now, to catch up. The yoga sock pattern used two types of rib---at the cuff, the blo rib, but at the toes, the fpdc/bpdc rib. So I said to myself, I know how to put the blo rib on the toes now. And it worked. You really can't see much of the cute stitch in the picture because of the yarn, but it shows up in person, and the ribs look nice too. My daughter wants a pair now. Don't look at my nasty feet...

BTW, this is a KP IDP, but I copied the url from Rav.

That is cool, I'm going to need to follow that. I used a yoga sock pattern for the #1 sons socks, I just used a regular stitch for the toe up, and did the ribbing at the ankle, then crocheted a diamond shape for the heel and sewed it in.


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