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I love making items for babies.  People love receiving the items I make.  win-win situation

I came across this pattern several years ago and then forgot about it.  It grabbed my attention again.

Intermediate level.  Crocheted Soccasins by Megan Mills.

It's written with UK terms.  All the dc's are US single crochet.  Calls for wool yarn though I'm not sure what weight.(double knitting)  I plan on playing and figuring that out.


Another cutie:

Also, made with wool, guessing a fingering weight.  She has the pattern available with US terminolgy.

The PRR babies will have warmer tootsies and the parents will hopefully like my gifts.

Please add your fave baby and kids crochet patterns. 

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I crocheted up a bunch of booties for the Knitting For Nutrition program (promoting infant nutrition in Africa) and found a cute and easy pattern from Lion Brand. Easy Booties . They take no time at all to make and utilize a similar technique we learned doing short row heels.

They requested the booties be colorful and I had no problem doing that. It's a good thing too, since I had no baby yarns.

Anna- those are adorable booties!  I must have had my 'follow' button turned off this thread, because I hadn't seen their cuteness yet!  :)  Nice work and how wonderfully generous of you.  :)

Had so many thins going on the last week of the year, I missed these too!  Very cute! =)

A gal at knitting group brought a finished block today for the Perdido Baby Blanket by Caron and it is absolutely adorable!  It is soooo much cuter than in the pictures.  The stitch pattern is fantastic!!  I made a scarf with a similar pattern last year, but this one works so much better.  It turns out totally square with no warpage!  It's awesome!  I can see it being used for so many more things than a motif-type baby blanket.  I wanted to share it with you here right when I saw it!  Plus it's a free pattern!

That is a lovely blanket even in the photo.  If the 'in person' version is even better might have to try it myself! =)  Thanks for sharing!

I am currently making a ton of baby blankets and patterns. The baby stuff is just too much fun! My girls and I make the crocheted edge blankets and donate many of them to charities.

I am sure these are deeply appreciated.

Got this link in an email today.  And since I saw Susan's green angry birds hat, I've been noticing more angry birds stuff!!  Check out this guy.  Cute!!

Oh, that is so cute!

Someone sent me a link for a crocheted BSJ (baby surprise jacket). I thought you ladies might be interested. Please click here.

Do you think they are put together the same way? Thanks for the link.

Since I don't crochet, I can't really say. Sorry.


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