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Angela from KP has started a Holiday Gift KAL. I have messaged her twice to please start a CAL, but I've had no response. Maybe if we all message her, she will "get the message". I know many of you have gifts you have made or are making. Let's share the patterns and encourage each other. Plus, they get to win a gift card (the KAL group).

I intend to make my mother some socks. And there will be a Nursing Home Pal for which to make a gift--in the past it has been a simple shawl. Now maybe some fingerless mittens. Hat for molly. Need something for the men in my life.

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I'm making a penguin arigurumi, for one boy, finishing a sweater for the other, and another stuffed animal for another boy.  Hats, scarves, sweaters, that's pretty much the only things i can think of for guys.
Anna, the Holiday KAL was started last year. It was started last year when there was a contest going on. If you want, I will see what we can do about a CAL for it. In the mean time I suggest everyone post here in your discussion.
Chery, thanks. I have been contacted by someone from KP to start a CAL. YiPee!
I knew they would work things out for you. They weren't slighting the crocheters. That has never been their intent. We are all in this together. I love following this group!
Ask and ye shall receive! Jenny has started an official Holiday Gift Crochetalong! Be sure to join! As of right now, 12pm PDT, it is only Jenny and me.

Crocheters, as Cheryl has pointed out, there is now an official KP Holiday Gifts Crochetalong Group (not within the main Crochet Along group).

Please, let's not use this discussion group any longer and scoot on over here to the new CAL Group. Please post your pattern ideas there to share with the rest of us that need ideas. And happy crocheting.







I'm curious why a discussion thread away from this forum was really needed?  It's not listed in the main page column, so most crocheters wouldn't know it exists.

We could have posted urls for the holiday in this thread.  If KP wanted to promote holiday kits and dollars for this group that could have been addressed here as well.

Seems they had alot of crocheters participate in the recent contest an amigurumi toy or book by simply replying and listing fave patterns or something like that.

It's on the main page of the knitalongs.
What do you click to get there??
You have to click on "View all" to see all the forums. We don't pop up at the top due to the more active groups taking those spots.

Diana, click on Meet & Share at the top of the page and then go to knitalongs. Here is a shortcut for you. I also started a new discussion over there for a list of favorite patterns. I took all the patterns mentioned on the wall and linked them in the new discussion. It is best to create new discussions rather than post on the wall.

The more crocheters that join the more active the crochet forums will be. Actually, I think the crocheting is coming along nicely. It is growing.


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