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I think that sometimes we need a place to just chat, so I created this forum for those moments. So, what's going on?

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Now all I need is for  7 or 8 thousand dollars to fall in my lap, and my car back from the mechanic, and life will be good again, for a few weeks anyway. (: LOL!

AWESOME!  My car is going to cost 700 dollars LESS than expected, and is ready to be picked up!  About that 7 or 8 thousand dollars?  Fate??? Helloooo? Are you listening still???

Wee Ha!!  =))))))

Great news!!

If fate is listening send us about 15,000.

Saw my family doc yesterday.  Received good news today, my ac1 is down to 5.8! woohoo, now if the rest of me would just normalize.  ;-)

Working on a lacey, doily style hat today.  Have a great weekend.


FYI....For anybody that prefers to be in the shadows there is a Crochet holiday group too.

Best wishes! With luck, with one thing going right, all the rest will fall in line. (:

Wow, great news. That's two people with good fortune. I've had a good day myself---DH took our beat up truck on a 500 mile round trip to get DD from school for the holidays. First time the truck has gone more than 50 miles in one trip! We were nervous that it would make it, but it did.

Hooray for autos that work!  (not sarcasm, I was *dying* last week!)

Oh, man, an AC1 of 5.8! That is really terrific. Good going!

Wow, the holidays are wrapping up and I now have some time to myself. Next year, I swear I will start on gifts earlier. Wait, didn't I say that last year? LOL I hope everyone is healthy. I've felt pretty good. Jury duty is officially over, and despite all the anticipation and anxiety of having to check every day (sometimes twice a day), I never got selected. I did go down to the courthouse twice, so they will pay me a little.

I got the blocking mats I requested, but the request for wires got mixed up with pins. Can't complain. My family got me a Kindle Fire. What a powerful device. It does just about everything and iPad does: web, videos, music, documents, save photos, plus read. I'm stoked!

Hope to hear from yall soon.

I got a shiatsu chair pad, I use it before I start crafting. (:  I have a regular kindle, and I <3 it!  I got Amazon gift cards that I have already put to good use... Aside from my back still being a big bully, life has been pretty durn good here! Glad to hear you've been feeling better!  2 more projects and I get a little time off. (:


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