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Want to learn to crochet socks?

Join the CAL.  I'll be here to help with questions.

Date: Start 9-17-2011

Pattern-Nicole's Beginner Sock  a free Ravelry download.  We will be changing to the v-stitch-shell stitch (sc,ch 2, sc) instead of a sc after the toe.  We can decide together or individually which heel and cuff pattern is preferred for finishing our socks.

Supplies- crochet hooks (C,D); fingering weight sock yarn, measuring tape, stitch markers, row counter- optional.

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I've tried knitting socks on more than one occassion and it hasn't been pretty. lol I printed the pattern out and I'm going to try to keep up with this (I have 4 kids and all of their things going on) as best as I can. *fingers crossed this try looks better than my knitted tries. lol
Wonderful, Taryn.  You just work on it as you can.  I'll add tips to this thread that you can check whenever time allows.  Nicole's beginner socks pattern is excellent in including many widths and a broader toe start that she mentions makes her toes happy, my toes happy, too.  She's using the same sock construction as I learned via trial n error several years back. 
Okay, I am in. I have knitted a few socks in my life but have alsways wanted to try crocheting them. I have come back to crochet after many years of knitting and almost forgot how much I love it. Thanks for starting this CAL. Rachel

Glad you are joining the CAL. :-)


Great idea, Diana. I'm so glad you will be giving tips. I was going to use the Stroll in Aloha for the Crobatkus, but maybe I'll use it for the socks. Orrrr, I was gifted some Felici in Green Veggies that would work too. I can't remember, does the Stroll stripe? I'll have to look it up. When do we start?


So, I looked it up. I have the Stroll Multi which they classify as "space dyed". I have no idea what that means, but they do give info on what to do if it pools. I also looked at the Stroll Handpainted, and I can't wait to order the Pony Ride. 

Start date is Sept 17th.  I'll be adding some photos of key foot areas to measure before that date.  Half the fun is deciding,... Which Yarn Color.
Ok, count me in I've been trying forever to get started crocheting socks. I'm sure I'm going to need help.
Glad you are joining us.  :-)

Before you start your toe-up, custom fit sock CAL.
Part 1
I'm adding photos of key measurement areas starting with length and width at the ball
of the foot.  I'll add additional photos as we progress from foot to heel.

Toe section- I like my toes to have their own space before starting into a foot pattern.
I generally work with a 2 stitch increase till I reach the width I need.  I make most of my
socks using C or D hooks which creates a dense, small stitch fabric.
I usually require 13-15 rows to get past my big toe.  I have a pretty tight tension, so
you'll have to decide based on your tension and preferences how much toe section you want.
After reaching your width increase, it doesn't mean you have to immediately start the foot pattern.
If you need more height.  Stop the increases and add additional spiral rows.

On the last 3 pair I made I didn't want more toe height but I needed to increase the width.
I used the 4 stitch increase method.  I used a D hook from start to heel finish.

Our foot section pattern will be narrow looking.  At 44 stitches I had a 3+ inch diameter, with 54(swelling foot)
3.25.  I recommend adding 4 stitches to the toe section.
ie medium width foot as defined in Nicole's pattern is 42sts.(customize to your foot width and tension)  Keep increasing till you have 46.

2 markers for the toe section.
I move marker to the second increase stitch at the start of row and the opposite side.  My next increase will
be where the marked stitch is and again I move the marker to the second stitch of the increase.

When I do the 4 stitch increase-> 2 at start of row, place marker in second stitch, sc to next marker(2 sc in this stitch, move marker to second stitch)
3rd increase is the stitch after or sometimes I skip one then increase.
4th increase is in the stitch or two before starting next row.

Whatever you do with the first sock be sure to make notes so you do the same with the second sock.

After the toe section our pattern will start.  You'll need one marker. It's a comfy, stretchy stitch.
The first stitch will be made so it isn't directly on the side of the sock. If you are off a tad, just sc 1 or 2 stitches then start.
I'm going to call it a shell as Nicole defined it in the Herringbone pattern.  Shell= sc, ch2, sc.
Row 1- sc,Ch2,sc in first stitch, skip 2 stitches, shell, skip 2 stitches, repeat around to first stitch.
Row2- no join, shell in ch2 space, shell in ch2space repeat around. 

Measure toe to heel. 

On the ball width you need the circumference.


Toe to leg top measurement.  I'll discuss this region as we reach this area.
Wonderful tips! Thanks so much. I can already tell this is going to work out better than my other attempts at socks. lol :0)


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