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I have a pile of vintage patterns, but they name the brand and style of yarn, and I have no idea what would be suitable to replace these no longer available yarns.  Anybody know a universal converter?


COLUMBIA-MINERVA Nylon and Wool Quick-Knit Baby Yarn~ is one example.

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You know, the gauge in the pattern (if there is one) should ge a big tip off -- every yarn has an "average" hook size, needle sze, and knitting stitches per inch and this information is available in print everywhere.  Every KP yarn has gauge into in the material detail, and there is a great tutorial on choosing and/or substituting yarn.  Generally speaking yarns with similar gauges can substitute for one another.


And try googling the yarn names that you have -- you never know what might turn up!



And Ravelry is also a great source for helping you determine what is a good substitution.
I also found this page which has helped me a lot because I have a bunch of random balls that no longer have the tags and also for my handspun. If you can find any of the information on the gauge it should help.

I have found that yarns that call for Baby yarn are usually, Sport weight.

Yarn thicknesses/categories are generally different for each fiber and sometimes, different with the same fiber type.  The gauge will get you closest to the the yarn thickness you'll need.

Thanks guys... One of the other knitting communities posted something cool on facebook, it was how to make sure your gauge is right too, I'll have to go back and check out some of those patterns and hope for a gauge. (:
I'm interested in where one might study about 1800's vintage patterns, too!  Sounds quite interesting.  I was born 120 years too late.  :)
Maybe we need to go live with Nutty. I bet that would be like living a 120 years ago. I mean, making soap, baking soda, etc.! And I know her tribe would tickle me pink.
I don't know how she can even stay awake with 11 kids. I get tired just thinking about that many. But they are really great kids. They each pitch in and do their fair share of the work it takes to run such a large family.
Another good resource if you need yardage and fiber info is the website
Oh, Jenny, I'm so glad you posted that. I'd completely forgotten about Yarndex. Shame on me!


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