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I just started the Little Bubbles and am knitting the largest size. At first I thought there was a mistake in the Increase Row, but now I'm wondering if my understanding of the M1 instruction is screwy.

I have always understood that K3, M1 means Knit 3 sts, then M1 into the next st (the 4th st). So *K3, M1 would be working a pattern over 4 sts (turning 4 sts into 5). After completing the first increase row and ending up with too few sts (93 instead of 99), I'm wondering if K3, M1 doesn't mean K3, with the new stitch being made into the 3rd st, working a pattern over 3 sts (turning 3 sts into 4).

I hope this makes sense. I've done a fair bit of knitting over the years and have never had a problem with increases, so I'm just wondering if this whole pattern is written differently from what I'm used to.


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I think I understand what you are asking, and yes, you should be making a new stitch after the 3rd stitch, but not into the 4th stitch. It may sound oddly simplistic, but when I was performing my increases I was only counting to 3 then making my increase, not to 4. Where you are counting 4 I was counting 1 so my increases (which I did as lifted increases into the stitch below the stitch I just knit, which means all my stitches lean left) all come from under the 3rd stitch.
Thanks! I think I'm just used to doing M1 knitting front and back into a st instead of the lifted increases. Today's the day to learn a new technique!
HI Annie,

Jay is right, it sound like you are increasing every 4th stitch instead of every 3rd because you are increasing by KFB (knit into the front and back of the next st), and that st is the 4th st in each increase group. You have a few options to work the increases as listed in the pattern:

You could do a lifted bar increase, as Jay did
You could do a loop increase, which is what I like. We have instructions for it here: It doesn't matter which way the st leans for this pattern
You could work KFB every 2 sts instead of every 3. So, where the pattern reads "K3, M1", you would do "K2, KFB." that way, the st you increase into counts as one of the three.

Hope this makes sense! Let me know if I could clarify in any way.


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