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I just started working on the master charles cap and got to row 10 & 11. I have no idea what this means Work even in pat knitting kf&b as k2.

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kf&b is knit front and back. That means to knit 1 stitch in the front, don't drop the stitch that is on your left needle, knit 1 stitch in the back and then drop the stitch. This is an increase stitch.
Well... I don't have the pattern, but a kf&b is knitting into the front & back of a stitch - so you are increasing.... making 2 sts from 1.
So maybe where the pattern reads K2 you are to kf&b to make 2 sts?

Hopefully, the designer will clarify this for you. :)
~ Susan
Sounds to me as if when you are coming across a row, whereever you come across a kf&b from the previous row, do them as knit stitches--two of them. So previous row, kf&b produces two stitches, and when you come across them again, knit the two stitches. Usually 'work even in pat' means just keep following the pattern, but it sounds like the kf&b may be a 'new' item in the pattern and they want you to know how to deal with those stitches when you come across them on the new row.
Thank you that is what i ended up doing.
Bobbie how are doing with the hat? I purchased the pattern as well and will start it so we are able to support each other. The pictures look like the cable is in the earflap too, but the pattern doesn't seem that way. Is that correct?
It isn't the cable that is on the front, it is just a small little twist. I have to take out a couple of rows did something crazy, not sure what, not the patterns fault though only mine. I knit both earflaps at the same time using a 40" circular needle like i do my socks they go together rather quickly that way.
Okay, I finally finished myEZs baby hat to go with my BSJ so am able to concentrate on Master Charles. I felt so silly that I had 'missed' the twisted stitch. I have finished the first repeat of the cable pattern and am so pleased to see it all coming together. My only regret - I should have used different yarn.

Thanks for getting me back on track.
I finished my hat. I know it will look very sweet on my grandson. I needed a model so I used my doll from a very long time ago.

Good Job I haven't been able to work on mine for a while i will post pictures though when i Get done.
Looking forward to seeing your photos. I did put the pompom on as well. What will you be working on next?
I'm just starting this pattern also and I had the same question on row 10 & 11. I came to this site to see what some one else did. I guess I will just do row 9 and do the kf&b as k2. Let me know if that is what you did please? Thank you!


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