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Hi knitters! I designed the Little Bubbles Set as one of my first projects here at Knit Picks, and I am so excited that you're finally able to see it! Let's use this thread as a place to share our projects, get information, ask questions, and share our finished knits!

I'll start by showing you a little movie of , ahem, me, discussing the design process.

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Thank you Susan!!!! Another project i Want to start like yesterday!!! LOL
your welcome - and tell me about 'another project' .... it's easy to get distracted w/so many great patterns out there now! ☺
I am planning on ordering this pattern and yarn for a swap partner and was wondering if anyone knows what the colors and in what quantities to make the blue one in the pictures on the website.
The colors for the blue variant are Seafoam, Planetarium, Marlin, Ivory and Jalapeno. One skein of each.:)
Can anyone help me? I'm about divide the body and the sleeves and I'm a little confused. I knit 34 stitches(I'm doing the 6-12 mon. size) and then cast on 8 stitches but now I don't know how to get the next 46 stitches on a holder since the 8 cast on stitches are still on my left needle. I hope I'm explaining myself clearly. This is my first sweater ever. Any help would be really appreciated.
Hi, lella1973! I also had trouble on this part when I knit my first Little Bubbles! And it also was my first sweater ever. First, you might need to remove those 8 stitches you cast on the left needle, and instead try the Backward Loop cast on, or Single Loop cast-on from You'll be casting onto the RIGHT needle, so those stitches won't be in the way. I hope this makes sense! Good luck to you - I promise, this is the trickiest part.

(I tried to attach a link to's video - just go to their "free videos" tab, and look under cast on)
Thank you so much. I am determined to finish this sweater for my nephew. He's six months old now, hopefully it will still fit him:)
I made a Little Bubbles Baby Set a couple years ago and used the video on how to do th stitch. I am to the point where I need help again and the video says it has been removed by user and I can't find help. It is killing me that I can't recall how to do it. My friend is due to have her baby any day and I wanted to have this done in time. Help?


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