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I am looking for some input on how to work with multiple colors and how to best handle the yarn so that the bobbins or balls of yarn do not get all twisted and tangled as you knit each row. I absolutely love colorwork and am working on building my color confidence as Kelley discussed in her recent podcast. I find that as I get older, 61, I really don't care a whole lot what other people are wearing, what's in style. If I like something and I enjoy knitting it, dog gone it, I'll be bold enough to wear it. That's the beauty of growing older or should I say younger.Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

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I two love colorwork. I have tried putting each yarn in a baggie, but not satified with the results still tangles. Know I'm trying Portuguese knitting I'll let you know if this works better.
I'm more of a fair isle knitter than intarsia, where there's only two colors per row. So, for colorwork I like to knit two-handed so I hold one color yarn in my right hand and one color yarn in my left ( and the balls or skeins are on either side of me on the couch. I'm not a continental knitter, and I'm right handed, so it takes a bit of practice to get even stitches with my left hand. But that solved my tangling problems. The Philosopher's Wool website has a video of this technique, I believe. Hope that helps!
I've done a little intarsia knitting and have not found a way to keep the bobbins from getting tangled. What worked best for me was to keep the bobbins close to the work (not pulled out too long). The other thing that helps is if you don't have much to knit in a particular color, skip the bobbin and let the end hang loose. It is stringy, but very easy to untangle, because all you have to do is pull the string and you're straightend out. Hope this helps.


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