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I only have the Aguona laptop sleeve that I'm working on. It's a fairly inactive WIP at the moment, but I think I'll be getting back to work on it soon. I'm about half done so far and it's my first Fair Isle project and I really like it!

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That's fascinating! I can't wait to see photos! Let us know when you have posted them! My La Boheme Cardi is sleeping while I get some Christmas knitting done!
Bohus with Palette --"The Red Palm"--Palette is pretty nice for Bohus knitting. Lotsa good colors.

Very pretty! I love to see photos!
I have one fingerless mitt done. My first attempt at the brioche stitch, though its actually called a brioche pearl stitch pattern but looks like honeycombs to me. It's a nice pattern but I don't like how the thumb is done. I like a gusset thumb better.

The pattern is duet from classic elite, and the yarn is fresco from classic elite. The yarn is a 60/30/10 blend of wool, baby alpaca and angora. OMG is it soft with a nice fuzziness. Mmmmm yum. . .uummm. . .yyyy

I also don't like how I can tell where the beginining of each round is on the brioche st part. Trying to pull tighter on the second one between needles (using two circs), but its hard when there is a yo at the begining or the end of the row depending on what row you are on in the pattern. A close up of the change in needles. The other side, where the end of the row it is more noticiable

And a close up of the color work. Didn't think to take a pic of the back to see the back side of the colorwork and again sorry so blurry.

Very pretty! Your end of rnd doesn't look bad. It's fine! Love the colors! Is this for you, or a Christmas present?
It's a gift. It is too small for my hands.
Lucky, lucky person!

Heres an even luckier person. Still needs blocking. Same yarn as previous fingerless mitts, only different colors. The white was from the same skein as the first set. There's actually hearts and birds on the top part, but my camera skills need work. Put the photos on the ipad, but unwittenly deleted them from camera so had to email it to my self in order to get it to the flickr account to put here. Did I mention technology is not my thing.

Check this out for technology:

(Sorry I can't post it correctly. I have no tool bar!)
OMG! That was so cool. I do have the piano app. It has two piano screens so two people can play at once.
I have added the bells and the Bebot app to my collection. Have you seen where they line up the iPads so they have the whole piano?


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