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Hi All,  Lemmy and I are starting the Dogwood Blossoms sweater.  Wish us luck (and good eyesight!)  We'd love others working on this sweater to join us! 

It's kind of hard to see which colors are on the charts.  The dark ones look alike (at least on the blue kit).  There is a close up photo of the sweater in the instructions that is a little clearer.  I think the first colors used after the cuff are Bark and Silver.

I'm near sighted and wear progressive lenses.  I've found I have a much easier time knitting (esp fine gauge) when I wear a pair of old glasses.  The distance prescription is lower and I can see up close MUCH more easily.  Guess I need stronger progressives, but this works for free! 

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I think that would be great! It's nice the pattern gives you the two colors used in each rnd in written form. You can rewrite them with the new colors, or just label each ball with the name of the color it replaces. What a good idea! I think I'm going to do that, because I'm replacing some colors.
Several people in my local knitting group are getting or have the Dogwood Blossoms sweater kit. We plan on starting it together as a group after Christmas. Our group is up to six people, with at least one more person considering it. It should be fun.
I've started mine. Here's my progress on the first sleeve:

Here is my completed sweater. I used the blue sampler colors and navy as a main color.  Some of the patterns didn't show the flower as well as the original colors would have, but my daughter loves the blue/greens.

It's beautiful!!

OMG! It's gorgeous! I'll bet you're very proud of it!


Oh, that is lovely!

What a great accomplishment! You should be very proud.

Where's the "Agree" button?

It's looking very nice! 

Love this design! Here's my progress:

If I had. It to do again, I would use provisional CO, both sleeves together in the round with steek sts between, then cut apart and sew together, matching up the pattern lines, then add the cuffs in the round. I'll keep you posted, though. It's going well.


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