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Hi Everybody,

I'm writing up the finishing directions and taking pictures of the steeks(!), and it's all getting a bit long in the tooth, so I have a question for you: Would you prefer everything to finish up this Friday (like I originally planned), or would you prefer that I walk you through steeks in detail and tell you what the finishing options are and what other notions you'll need, but not give the final-final directions yet? I'm thinking that you might want a lot of hand-holding for steeks and time to go out and purchase notions and think about what you want your project to be (because there are options!), so I was thinking it might be best to break it up into two parts. What do you think?

(And because I can't post again without a photo, here's my jumble of ends that I trimmed up before steeking:)

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I would prefer you walk me through the whole thing. I have never done steeks
Ummmmm. Surprise me. (heehee)
Having done steeks on the CLC, I don't need hand-holding, and I would like to get to the finishing part as quicly as possible so I can make more gifts, so my vote is to give us as much as possible this week -- and hand-hold as needed during the week.

I vote for the two weeks. I have steeked, but it still scares me. I would love the extra time to get the "notions" as you suggest. I will of course, follow the crowd. It still sounds very interesting.
I'd prefer to have the final finishing part this week. I, too, would like to have more time before the holidays to work on other projects.
I vote for the 2 week plan, but I will go along with the majority.
I vote for hand holding. :) I think that even with holiday knitting this won't cut into it. It's not like having a project sitting there is going to make it harder to do holiday stuff. Just my two cents. :)
I don't want it to finish. I mean, yes, I want to know what we've been knitting but I don't want the fun to stop. So I vote the longer the better. Plus, I think there are enough of us out here that would prefer hand-holding during the eeks! steeks! stage.
I vote for the two weeks and the hand holding. I'm doing the CLC but I haven't steeked yet.
I've become a snail.
Nothing wrong with going at a snail's pace. I think that's my current speed also.
I am no where ready to steek, I haven't even finished the first one, let alone the second one, so I must be a handicapped snail. However I did manage to knit up the maeve hat in two days. Well the whole hat minus the earflaps for now. Its a bit tight, though I am pretty sure my gauge is right. I always have a hard time checking my gauge. The hat looks a bit small and is tight on my head, so I am hoping it will either stretch with blocking or some younger relative will like it.
Hand holding is my vote! I do have a lot of Christmas knitting also, but I do know that I have never steeked before and can use all the assistance I can get! I will manage to work on both the KAL: and my Christmas knitting.

However, I am not a Christmas Grinch, so I will not be upset if the voting goes the other way. I know there are a lot of very helpful people in this community, and if I have problems, I will just do a shout out for help!



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