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Does anyone have Pennyroyal and Chicory palette yarn?  Would they look good together in some Camilla two-color mittens? 

I am thinking about ordering some.  I am not sure it is enough of a contrast. Sometimes the yarn is a little different than the computer screen or the catalog picture shows.


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Today I just got the latest photo from Jenny for the current Palette. As soon as I can I will work up a new chart and post it. One of the things that Melissa taught me is if you have a picture of the colors, if you will print it in grayscale or black and white, you can then tell the values of color. (I hope I'm using the correct terminology.) If the values are too close, when they are next to each other it will be very difficult to distinguish them. I will try to have this done within the next few days.
Do you think photocopying pictures in the catalog would work well enough?  I like both colors so well I am about to order anyway(?)

Well, you could try that. I was really hoping to work on it tonight, but I've been helping angelkarhu get her charity event (mitts for dialysis patients) started over in Ravelry. You can also find it here in the Charity KAL.

Personally, I don't think of ordering extra Palette at any time. So if that is the way you feel, I'd get both colors.

I had a ball of chicory and gave it to my sister!  And I don't think I have any pennyroyal, but looking at the description online just now, I think they'd be wonderful together!!  I think there would be plenty of contrast.  We want to see pics of your project if you can!! 
I did order it last night.  I think the pennyroyal is light enough to work.

I am working on the mittens after finishing some other projects.  Wanted follow up, even though it has been a long time.  Pennyroyal and Chicory are nice together.  Here's a photo before I frogged back to the cuff.  They were a little tighter than I wanted.


How lovely! Great work, and the colors look wonderful together.


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