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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I've attached the long-awaited week 4 pattern release. Thank you for being so understanding as I recovered from my sickness. (I am feeling much better today, thanks!)

As usual, here's my progress photo for Week 4:

Oh, and look for cherylbwaters' souped up PDF versions of the pattern shortly following each of my installments. They're pretty nifty!

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Yay...ok here I go, home to knit. Glad that you're feeling better Melissa!

Thank you Melissa - hope this means you are feeling better - C
I'm so glad your feeling better..Rest can make you feel like a new woman!! This has been so much fun and I'm really enjoying it.. Can't wait to see what we end up with...Take care of yourself...Ruth
Melissa- so glad you're feeling better. Hope you continue on the mend. Don't try to do too much too fast. Take it easy if you can. Thanks so much for giving us this 'pick-me-up.' We will enjoy it!! -Peggy (AKA Pickles)
Melissa -

Glad you are feeling better. Still, take it easy for a few days. You don't want it to come back. And thanks for posting this week's section. So far I've managed to keep up. I'm hoping it stays that way!

I have been waiting with baited breath for this. You've gotten me addicted to colorwork! So, no more sick days until it is finished, OK?

Seriously, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Take it easy and let your body recover completely so you don't get a relapse. (That is, as easy as that little one will let you.)

So glad you're feeling better! We all want you to take care of yourself. It's so much more important than having the pattern on time. Most of us have plenty of stuff to work on, right knitters? --P
Yeah...thanks Melissa, I am so glad you are feeling better,hope you have a total recovery soon! And yes Peggy is totally right...we have more than enough knitting to fill our time. IF you don't believe us just check out the UFO's KAL :-)
Melissa, we are so glad you have posted week 4, not because we couldn't wait any longer for this but because it must mean you are feeling much better. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Here is the interactive pattern for week 4. You must save the file to your hard drive before you can use it as and interactive file. You might need Adobe Reader 9.0 for it to work for her. [I do not have Reader 7.0 or 8.0 to test it in those versions.] For the latest version of Reader [9.1], please go here. If you don't want the Free McAfee Security Scan, be sure to uncheck that box. For those with Macs, click on Different language or operating system?

For those who have Macs, this will not work with the built-in previewer. You must download Adobe Reader for Mac [see above]. Also the up and down arrows do not work with the Mac version. So click on the horizontal line or arrowhead and while clicked, you can move it with your mouse.

Reminders: The interactive file has vertical every 10 sts with 11 sts for the last section. The horizontal line that can move up and down to keep your row place and a little arrowhead that can move back and forth to mark which section you are working on.

To move either the horizontal line or the arrow, place your cursor over it. Your cursor should become a black arrowhead. When it is in that mode, click on it to make the line or the red arrowhead active. You can then move it up, down, right or left with the arrow keys on your keyboard or by keeping your mouse clicked and moving and dropping it where you want. To deactivate it click anywhere else on your page or hit the escape button.

To enlarge the pattern on your screen click the zoom button up on the top menu bar.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know.
Yeah CCoo Hoo...I was going to send off a post to tell you I was anxiously awaiting your amazing techy post, but I didn't want to pressure you. I know us Hoos work well under pressure you, but I didn't want to appear know how patient I am-didn't want to ruin my good image...yet :-) Thanks for doing this interactive pattern, I still print Melissa's; you compliment each other:-)

Laura Hoo
Laura, I had to go to m office this afternoon and I was out for a little while this afternoon. If' I'd known Melissa was feeling better today I would have made sure I'd gotten it done sooner. I do both also. A hard copy and on my computer.
OMG! Life is so good when tech goddesses like you turn a chart into a handy gadget.


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