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Some of us in the Knitting Community have joined the "Flight Path" mystery Knitalong organized by Mary Scott Huff. If you're on Ravelry, you can find the Ravelry group here. I'm using Wool of the Andes Sport Weight in "Wonderland Heather," "Baltic Heather," "Saffron," "Fairytale" and "Avocado." We don't know at this point what the project will be, but it's an accessory for a woman. Here's my swatch:

Swatching instructions say to knit a swatch using the larger needles (I got gauge with size 4) working in the rnd or back and forth using two colors, any stranded pattern we wanted, since we don't have the chart yet. We're to aim for 6 1/2 sts/in. Sport weight or DK would be most suitable.

We will get one part of the pattern each week. Today (If you're reading this on Monday, January 30th) we get the first "clue." It will be fun to see what the project turns into. It isn't too late to join us if you want. It isn't a race. Just a fun thing to do together. All you need is the pattern (see link above) and 5 skeins of sport-weight yarn, each a different color. Just get your pattern and yarn and join us! We get the last clue February 27, 2012. You can buy the pattern later, but it will cost more, and you need to finish with the group to qualify for the drawings. (Yes, there are prizes!)

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So true!


Plus no ripping or tinking when you do the beak!!  :) 

Tee hee... yes! 

Pickle, I was wondering how you were earlier this evening while watching the national news.  Were you near any of the storms/tornados yesterday? 

Hi Wendy.  Pretty close.  Saturday 2 of the huge storms that were producing tornadoes and softball size hail were headed exactly our direction, but the first one fizzled out to just a sprinkle before it reached here.  The second one was downgraded to a Severe Thunderstorm about a county away from us and then that warning was even removed as it spread out and just became widespread rain.  Hubs and I stayed up til 4 am watching and making sure.  We had water, food and all kind of stuff ready.  We put the girls to bed in jeans.  :)  Hubs even had a couple shovels and the axe in the basement in case we needed to help dig ourselves out.  :P  Then Sunday was gale force winds all day, but no storms thankfully.  Did you get anything scary? 

The news reported 120 tornadoes Friday/Saturday with 100 of them in Kansas.  I only heard of the Oklahoma one having loss of life.  Their sirens were wiped out by one storm and then when the next tornado hit, they didn't know.  So sad.

I am so glad to hear you weren't affected by the severe storms.  Well the mental anguish is more than enough suffering, but physically, that is good news.  Were the girls afraid at all?  I didn't even know there was bad weather until I watched the news last night. When I heard that about Oklahoma and Kansas, I was worried for you and Bren. I couldn't believe how concentrated it was in Kansas though. It sounds as if you were well prepared though.

It rained off and on here Sat, nothing unusual nor bad.  We did have pretty high winds yesterday, and we still are today, but nothing to worry about. 

I hope things are much calmer for you today.  :o)

Glad to hear you were spared, Pickle!  I had been wondering about you as well!

Glad all is well  Peggy!  We had bad tornadoes in our area a few weeks ago, and the damage was devastating.  We were about 50 miles north of the storm, so were not hurt at all, but it was still scary to see the results. 

Since we don't have houses with basements, I can't imagine a tornado. Glad you and your family are safe.

Thanks for wondering, all.  I was feeling a little harried with the anticipation.  That's worse than the actual storm.  Yes, the girls were scared.  And I try not to let my apprehension show.  But I postponed a couple hours of my work to Sunday so that I could get home... it was hard to hide that from them!

Keeping the kids calm is key.. glad all is OK with your and yours.


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