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Some of us in the Knitting Community have joined the "Flight Path" mystery Knitalong organized by Mary Scott Huff. If you're on Ravelry, you can find the Ravelry group here. I'm using Wool of the Andes Sport Weight in "Wonderland Heather," "Baltic Heather," "Saffron," "Fairytale" and "Avocado." We don't know at this point what the project will be, but it's an accessory for a woman. Here's my swatch:

Swatching instructions say to knit a swatch using the larger needles (I got gauge with size 4) working in the rnd or back and forth using two colors, any stranded pattern we wanted, since we don't have the chart yet. We're to aim for 6 1/2 sts/in. Sport weight or DK would be most suitable.

We will get one part of the pattern each week. Today (If you're reading this on Monday, January 30th) we get the first "clue." It will be fun to see what the project turns into. It isn't too late to join us if you want. It isn't a race. Just a fun thing to do together. All you need is the pattern (see link above) and 5 skeins of sport-weight yarn, each a different color. Just get your pattern and yarn and join us! We get the last clue February 27, 2012. You can buy the pattern later, but it will cost more, and you need to finish with the group to qualify for the drawings. (Yes, there are prizes!)

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I'm doing fine.  My doctor threw me out of the office last time I was there.  LOL 

Actually, I'm walking - albeit a bit tentatvely at times, but, all in all, back to normal.

Well, if the dr. threw you out of the office, you MUST be doing better.  I'm sure it will take a bit for you to be sure footed, but so glad you are doing better.

Thanks, Susan.  Yep, that about summs it up.

That's terrific news!

There is absolutely no proof I received any chocolate!

No proof here, either.  LOL 

Hey Gals I need help with Flicker I sign in with my google name and it just askes me to fill out more information and then it tells me my name is already used and I can't get much further, what a pain, is there another way to keep photos and then post them to here or Ravelry?

You can upload photos straight from your computer to KP. 

For Ravelry, you can create a project page for the project, and you can upload them from your computer to the project page.  Then you can add the photos directly to a post from your project page.

Hope this helps.


You can also pay a nominal fee per year on Ravelry to upload directly from your computer without starting a project page.

How much is that?  $5/year?

Something like that. To me it is worth it!

I've been using FB, KP and CT for storing photos. It's a little cumbersome, but it works.


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