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Well, that would be moi! so much so, that I've just CO for a pair of mittens (never mind I live in So. Cal) I'm knitting these for more practice and because they are super cute and I love owls!
Size 0 magic loop - KP essential kettle dyed Gold & Rio de la plata Harbor Blue leftovers from my Eunice socks.

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And I was worried about this being seen... (shaking head...) heehee. Angel- what is SKA?? on rav? is that a group of some sort? Tell us all about it.

I saw this pattern on a 'click-through' ad on Ravelry. Thought of this thread INSTANTLY!!! So glad you all saw it and liked it as much as I did!!
So I thought I better add the link to the 'click-through' so all you gals can give Rav your love!! Here... it is in my favorites- second one down if you click on ads (in case they don't come up like they're linked. :))

Here's one of my colorwork WIPs:

Just starting the bunnies' ears. This will be a suit (with pants) for DGD2.

Rocky has fallen in love with colorwork!

I had some leftover Swish DK in Lava Heather, Dove Heather and Squirrel Heather. Rocky was cold, so….

This was a fun project, and it's nice when it's so appreciated.

He looks more handsome than ever!

He's pretty cute without it!


Oh, the humble sock:

I love Fair Isle and saw this pattern knit by Raveler Blackberryb. I had some Lang Jawoll Aktion sock yarn in my stash, some left over Stroll in "White," so I CO in May. The socks went with me to Europe, where I made some progress, but I was on the straight knit foot (the yarn does the work), so I CO Cookie A's "Monkey" to keep myself entertained during the flight home. Those are done, so I'm back to working on these. I used a needle one size larger for the cuff, to keep it from getting too tight with the colorwork.

Zee socks are feenished and on zee feet:

As usual, my thanks to DH for taking a photo I couldn't take for myself without a Looooong selfie stick.



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