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Well, that would be moi! so much so, that I've just CO for a pair of mittens (never mind I live in So. Cal) I'm knitting these for more practice and because they are super cute and I love owls!
Size 0 magic loop - KP essential kettle dyed Gold & Rio de la plata Harbor Blue leftovers from my Eunice socks.

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I thought it was, "To wit, to woo?" Here's what I remember:

The Owl Song
Of all the fair birds that e'er I did see
The owl is the fairest in her degree,
For all the day long she sits in a tree
And when night comes, away flys she.

To-wit, To-woo, to whom drinks now,
My song is well sung, I'll make thee a vow
And knave is he who drinketh now...

Nose.. Nose... Nose... Nose...
And what gave ye that jolly red nose?
Cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg and cloves
And that gave me this jolly red nose.

Traditional 17th Century drinking song.

--PPoo, the older than most of you posters, LOL
You know, I think that must have inspired it - I'm going to have to ask my mom if she remembers the poem, as she would have read it to me. I did have a cassette tape of Robert Frost poems that I would listen to, maybe that was it? I just realized this was 20 years ago. Oh dear. The drinking song is a good start though - I am going to track that poem down!


(PS - Susan, i sent the pic of your owl mitt to my hubby, and he thinks it's very cute! for some reason Fridays at his work are Owl days, and everyone emails owl pictures to each other. So that was my contribution, hehe)
PPoo, the elder, this reminds me of Puck of Pooks Hill. I know you're not that old! LOL
To PPoo, the elder:

Good job on finding this. I hope this helps Kerin find what she is looking for. I've googled to look for it and have only come up with a bunch of garbage [with a French pronunciation]

From C, the not so elder
Some of the things from my childhood stick in my mind. I haven often thought, "To woo," when I've heard someone say, "to wit...." --P
One mitten done and modeled by my sweet boy. It was verrrrrry hot today, but he was a good sport and let me take some photos!

This last photo is so blurry, but I love it!
See how one eyebrow is raised as he smiles? As much as he looks like his Dad - that's all me!!!

FanTASTIC! I love the mitten, and your boy is SOOOOO CUTE! How old is he? What's his name?

Does your kid know how lucky he is? --PPoo
Hi PeggyPoo...are you snowed in yet? I love snowed in calls fro warm beverages, homemade cookies and knitting :-) I am also honored that you went with PPoo, as I said erlier when you were missing in action due to the snowstorm, PeggyPoo sounds endearing, don't you think?
We'll have to wait until later in the season to get snowed in! However, my internet was snowed out all day yesterday and most of today, but off and on, just working enough to give you hope. And the power went off because of a tree (so the Power Co. said) yesterday for about 5 hrs. I went to a pizza place to download the podcast! (Can't live without my weekly fix!) Here's a present for all of you in warmer climes:

That's not poo, but I can't guarantee there isn't any in it. If so, it's Poo poo. That much is certain. --PPoo
No way!!!
It's 90 degrees @ my house right now!!! We've got all the windows open, fans running! Can you blend that into a margarita and send it my way please? assuming it's poo-free that is.
I'm with Susan! A little Tequila, a splash of Triple Sec, a couple of squeezed limes, a little simple syrup and we won't care how hot it is here!


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