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Well, that would be moi! so much so, that I've just CO for a pair of mittens (never mind I live in So. Cal) I'm knitting these for more practice and because they are super cute and I love owls!
Size 0 magic loop - KP essential kettle dyed Gold & Rio de la plata Harbor Blue leftovers from my Eunice socks.

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You just keep coming up with better and better FOs. What a cute pattern! And your stitches are absolutely perfect. I am going to have to work towards that.

Although Houston is fairly hot when it gets cool it feels really cold. It is the kind of cold that goes straight to your bones.
thank you Cherly, but no, no, no... see the difference between the top photo (my hand is inside - so it's smoothing all the stitches out) and the bottom photo (laying flat - so you can see all the bumps)
Blocking is the cure all for knitting - makes everything all better!
I definately wanted to practice more colorwork in addition to the mystery kal, so I couln't help myself and the pattern is so dang cute.
Practice, practice, practice. ;)
~Susan xxx
What bumps??? Your color work is lovely! These mittens are so cute.
Susan: Colorwork is like lace. It looks rumpled and ugly until you block it. No worries! --PPoo
Sorry Susan, I'm new, but Cheryl knows her stuff. The stitches look perfect! The mitten looks like it's already blocked!

____ Anet
Anet, I'm glad you dropped in here. Susan's work is great. You might take a peak at all of her little monsters in the Holiday KAL. Each has a cute new little monster. Go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Susan is the one who forged the way with Mr. Foster. And her Hemlock blankets are beautiful. So don't let her fool you in anyway. It was really fun putting all of Susan's work together.
Susan & Cheryl! I ADORE THEM ALL! Wow!

Thanks Cheryl! I look forward to seeing more of Susan's work!
I knew you would like Susan's work. She's really fab.
And BUSY! Wow. I feel like a slug woman! :o)
Me, too. Susan is quite a prolific knitter.
Hey you two! Wow...can NoKnitSherlock knit or what...very impressive! So nice to see everybody...just started knitting again, most of them ufo's!
XO, you guys. Karel
Karel, we are so glad you are back. Is it okay to say how happy you are looking these days?


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