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Looking for a good colorwork challenge? Try the East Meets West bag!

It's actually not as difficult as it looks. Come join in, ask questions, share your progress, and have fun as you work through this project!

There are no deadlines, start dates, and certainly no attendance taken. ;-) Just come on in and hang out!

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Question on this bag! I have the pattern, but I see it is for the Red Colorway, is there any easy way as to change the associations to reflect the blue colorway?  I mean know what colors to flip if I want to knit the blue bag..
I've sent you a friend request. I think I can help you with your bag question.
Thanks, I added you.   Much appreciated, Love the bag, that is why I brought the Ebook Rainbow and then when I looked at the color pallete they had it was for the reds colorway, I tried a couple of substutions but I have more of the colorway for the blue.... 
OK. I'll send you a PM.
I haven't actually started mine yet. I think I will double strand and felt it. Someone did that, and it worked. I'm not crazy about the pinks with it, so I'll be adding shades of green Palette to it. I'll want to swatch first, though!
I love my bag so much I want to make another, and I will have to change up some of the colours because although I have lots of wool left in my kit, the main colors of the purple bag are almost used up.....I also wasn't so keen on the yellow and grey in the insert of the strap so I will happily choose other colours for that.  I gave the bag to my sister for her birthday and she is in heaven.....
I guess some people get to go to heaven early!

I just finished bag number two.  I changed the colour of the strap and used the royal blue instead of the black to really set off the bright pink floret design.  My strap has a mobious  feature (a mistake in the caston that I left in). 


Very nice, Mary-Anne!

Hi All,

I am ready to start knitting the flap.  Intarsia? How many bobbins do I really need.  The details and short distances has me considering a stranded/instarsia mix?  Any hints, suggestions.  This is my first instarisa project and all the instructions and samples I see are large geometric patterns.


I didn't use bobbins, because there were so many and they would get horribly tangled.  I just had about 1 yard (meter) of each colour and left it hanging like strings - this is much easier to comb out when they get tangled.  It looks nicer to do the intarsia, and the over stiching rather than stranding, because it changes the texture on the flap.  I did stranding on the edges like the pattern says. 

Good luck - the results are well worth it.....I have made two bags now with the same kit......and my sister and I love them.


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