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Looking for a good colorwork challenge? Try the East Meets West bag!

It's actually not as difficult as it looks. Come join in, ask questions, share your progress, and have fun as you work through this project!

There are no deadlines, start dates, and certainly no attendance taken. ;-) Just come on in and hang out!

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I just received my kit (of course it's the purple one my favorite color) but for now I will just read the post for those that know me my mom is in the hospital again and I am with her so I wont be able to start the bag yet but I did bring the booklet with me so I can read it through really good. I was thinking I might go with a bigger size needle since I love big bag's
Have fun everyone!
WEll so far so good. I'm about to do row six. When the directions say "after seven rounds"..that does mean after ROW 7 right"? Each row completed is a round? Just double checking. Having a senior moment this morning. How is everyone doing? In my kit it says "Doe" but they gave me "Doe Heather" so I figure thats what they meant to have written as one of the colors.
Celine, I don't have the kit but everyone talking about it makes it tempting. But your reasoning sounds good to me.
Cheryl, I have to admit that all the different charts and the "shapes" make it a bit scary but I'm taking it one step at a time and with help here anyone should be able to do it. I do short rows when I knit my socks which are from the Toe Up so I know how to do those. Plus I've steeked a few sweaters and I actually like hopefully I won't run into any major problems with the bag directions.
I'm sure you will do great!
I'm so impressed with you just jumping in!! I'm still a little chicken... I got the kit in the mail Saturday. Need to get my goal of 5 UFO's done before I cast on, but I'm getting closer to ready!
That is some restraint! How many more UFOs before you can start?
Still 5!!! I meant I was getting closer to being ready mentally!!! hee hee haha
Hey, nothing wrong with that!
yep, After is correct! Doe Heather? That sounds like a misprint on the ballband! I'll have to look into that one.
Mine says Doe Heather, too. :)
So does mine


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