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Looking for a good colorwork challenge? Try the East Meets West bag!

It's actually not as difficult as it looks. Come join in, ask questions, share your progress, and have fun as you work through this project!

There are no deadlines, start dates, and certainly no attendance taken. ;-) Just come on in and hang out!

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I'm in! My kit just shipped today. Thanks for hosting this KAL, Kerin! I know I'll have lots of questions considering the quantity of techniques used in this project. But I know it will be fun, and beautiful when it's done!

Is this going to be a separate KAL, or part of the Colorwork KAL? I didn't see it in the list when I went to officially sign up.

What color did you choose, Joanne? I'm ordering soon... I think the red, not sure yet. I'm excited about this project! Can't wait! The intarsia is the part I'm REALLY scared about. I have to get through the Mystery KAL before I cast it on, though. And finish like 5 UFO's first. :(
I ordered the red kit. I was unsure which to order, but then I gravitated to red, which has always been 'my color'.

It's totally 'my color' too. I did that colorway first, and picked all my favorites to go in it - hehe!
Hi Joanne! This KAL is in with the other colorwork projects because there are so many common 'threads' between them all. So, if you have questions or concerns about this bag, this thread is the place to be! I think if it gets pretty big and there are a lot of folks knitting it together, I'll ask the powers that be if it should have a category all its own. :)
I was just looking at this kit on the KP site and am thinking about ordering it. I was also going to order the needles; the pattern says it uses size 1(2.50 mm) in 32" and 60"-is this correct and if so will Knitpicks start selling 60" circulars? The longest you carry is 47", will this work? I don't want to order this until I know for sure what needles I will need. Thanks for the help :-)
you have to get the options needle tips and then one of the cables that is 60" to go with the tips.
I didn't see this when I ordered the kit, and am wondering if I can make do with some other situation- like using 2 29" circs? (duct taped together?) ;O or a whole bunch of dps? like they used to do in medieval times, to knit petticoats, before circs were invented?
I have the 60" inch cable and points in a different size for the Nonna shawl and I don't like them because the needle tips keep falling off, even when I tighten them with the little wrench. every 20 or so stitches I have to screw the needles back on and it drives me nuts. anneKat
anneKat, have you tried using something like a rubberized jar opener or a needle puller? Tighten the tips with that. I don't have any problems with them becoming loose and falling off.
Which option kits have size 1 (2.50mm) needles? I haave two different option set needles and neither have size 1 needles available.
Hi Laura- none of the kits have size 1 needles. They only sell that size with fixed cables because of the small size... it is that way with size 3 and smaller. Sorry.
Laura, the smallest size in the Options is a 4. There are some other interchangeable systems that may have one. I think the smallest HiyaHiya is a 2. I think the smallest Denise is a 5. I don't know about any other sets that are out there.
Yep the smallest the hiya hiya interchangeables is a 2 and it doesn't come with a 60", just a 15, 24, 32, and 4? something. Either way I need a longer needle. This uses palette yarn so could my mystery project be my gauge check?


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