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I would like a designated discussion for double knitting, which is a form of colorwork.  I've done a search of the Colorwork discussions and read all the scattered comments regarding double knitting.  I'm fascinated with this technique, and have done several small projects.  My next project is a scarf, and I'd like some advice on yarn choices from the ladies who comment frequently about their knitting, for example Susan, Cheryl, and of course Peggy (the bees knees cardigan is adorable!), and anyone else who has done double knitting.  My pattern is shown in worsted weight, but the designer told me I could use DK weight yarn with no problems since I'd like a lighter weight scarf.  Both Swish DK and Gloss DK knit up at the appropriate gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch on size 5-6 needles.  So what features do you prefer in these yarns?  Is one less warm than the other? More drapey?  Softer?  Please fill me in on your experiences with these 2 yarns.  Thanks so much!

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HI Sharon- I can't help you at all with those yarns.  I haven't tried Swish yet and I've only tried to use Gloss in the fingering weight so far.  I'm curious about your double knitting technique.  I tried it several years ago and got pretty frustrated.  Do you hold both yarns with the same hand?  Or one in each hand?  Do you regularly hold your yarn in your left or right hand?  I would like to try the technique again.  It irritates me that it threw me.  :)
It was difficult at first.  After my third project, a potholder was done, I thought I had it licked.....nope, the next potholder was just as frustrating for the first maybe 12-15 rows of the chart.  But then it started flowing, and I really liked it.  I hold my yarns both in my right hand, and I keep them seperated with one above the joint on my index finger, and one just below.  My knitting style is to flick the yarn with my index finger, never letting go of the yarn or my needles, no arm movement.  I haven't used charts often, and I think my struggles were more about following them correctly than the double knitting technique.  I still need lots of practice on my cast on and off, and especially keeping the sides bonded together neatly.  But it's a work in progress! 

I haven't tried double knitting. So far, stranded and intarsia have kept me satisfied with my colorwork projects.

I have used both Swish and Gloss, although I've only made socks with Gloss so far. Both are warm. Swish is more practical if washing is a consideration. Gloss really should be washed by hand, as it tends to felt in the machine. (My socks from Gloss are OK, but the pattern isn't as pronounced.) Gloss has a nice sheen to it. (Before felting, that is, LOL!)

I'm enjoying the Bees' Knees, too! The steeks are done, shoulder seams grafted, underarm sleeve seams and bottom facing of body and sleeves done. Right now, I'm knitting the second front facing. It won't be long now!

I'll be interested to see what you do!

I love both!  Swish is machine washable, making it more practical for a garment that gets lots of wear and needs frequent washing. Both are soft and warm, but Gloss has silk in it, so is dressier and drapier. But it also requires more care. I would choose based on planned wear for the garment.  If you plan to wear it every day all winter long, choose Swish.  If it will be a beautiful accessory worn less often, or for special occasions, go for Gloss.

Sharon, I have Gloss in my stash but haven't used it yet. I do like the Swish and I find it nice to work with. I agree with the others that it depends on what you want. Whether you need an easy care or want a dressier piece.

Since I don't know enough about double knitting, this is just a consideration that comes to mind. There really isn't a whole lot of difference between worsted and DK. But I would think getting the same gauge with DK as with the worsted would make for a wee bit looser fabric. Anyway, IMHO, just something to take into consideration.

Sharonknits, I'm sorry that I did not see you already had a discussion started about double knitting. I'm new here & did not scope it out fully before starting my own link. I have no experience with the yarn you are inquiring about, but as you can see in my post, I'm doing my own little projects with every kind of yarn in my stash to get the feel of them for working double knit. that is the best way I know to tell how it feels & the ones I am making can be passed off without feeling I have wasted my yarn & time. After all its hard to go wrong with the look of a little mug mat.

Don't worry about it, Patti. We often have a lot of cross over!


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