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I just caved and got the bright kit. They look like great Christmas presents. Anyone knitting these yet?

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I use the key and a mat for opening jars to tighten and I still have issue. I like the IDEA of Options, however and yes, my heart also belongs to KP and if I need a yarn, I almost don't buy it if KP doesn't have anything like it. Strange....

I take it back about not liking Options. I pulled out a new cable and some size 8's for an EPS sweater I'm working up in WOTA. I did the first sleeve mostly on DPNs then it was DUH I could be doing Magic Loop. The second sleeve is going so much better. The gripper works ok to tighten the needle with the key. The combo of the flexible, really long cables and the smooth nickel are pretty good so now I'm shopping for some more needle sizes. I keep the needles in the stand (handy gauge too) but use the kit case for sundries like cables, key, extra yarn needles, scissors, etc.


By the way, is anything going to replace TELEMARK? It's such a good yarn for Norwegian knitting and the luster is beautiful. I got some sale yarn and if the red comes back into stock (I don't know why it would but it says it will) I'll get enough for another sweater. Telemark is unique, so close to Dale Tiur and it's harder finish than WOTA sport.  

Aren't the stands terrific? Glad you are enjoying them now.

It helps to spread apart the stitches on your right needle. 

I'm contemplating buying the original kit.  I prefer the bright colors, but the kit isn't available and it's a huge savings to buy the kit over individual pieces.  Are you happy with how the colors are turning out with the original?

Yes, the original is nice, more earthy and looks very Icelandic. The new one is prettier though.  I, probably, would have chosen the brights  had been available when the naturals came out.

I was torn, but mostly I like muted colors. However, the brights are glorious knitted up with that Bittersweet heather background. 


Right now I am doing Norwegian gloves in Telemark. I am bummed that yarn is gone. It makes the most firm,authentic Norwegian style fabric. Those gloves are going to feel great.  

I made the kit in the original colors last year.  They really knitted up easily and are nice and warm.  I got the brights kit  a few weeks ago, but haven't started them yet.  I am busy making sweaters for my grandsons.



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