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Oh boy, Oh Joy! My luscious yarn arrived today. It's bad form to
drool, isn't it? I have got to finish paying the bills and then disappear
into my hole and knit. I am sooo excited. This a really beautiful sweater.
Bonus - it should be light weight enough to wear comfortably in Tucson
in the winter.

Oh, and I have to be sure to turn off the phone so my Honey pup can't call the
ASPCA for neglect. We'll just have to take play breaks periodically.

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My package didn't arrive yesterday.....just as well. I still have a class tonight so wouldn't be able to really give the attention it deserves.
My yarn should arrive tomorrow or Friday! But then I'll have to spend a couple of days winding and then another day swatching.
That sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend!
Mine didn't come yet, either, but it would have been ahead of schedule...but possible. Sunny and I have to work at the nursing home this morning, and Rocky will be visiting the groomer. Maybe when I get home...
My yarn for the CLC is in this order, and also my Cookie A sock book. I'll find out tomorrow if I can knit, but I sure am looking forward to reading Cookie's book! --Peggy
My yarn is in transit. Can hardly wait to see the colors up close and personal. So hard to decide from what is seen on the monitor. But am confident that I'll love th em. When I ordered the Shimmer in the Sherry last fall, it was a leap of faith ... but the yarn was gloriously beautiful, soft ... and knitted up into a lovely shawl.

This time, I ordered not only for the CLC, but also enough of the second color for a shawl too. The Eucalyptus color I feel in love with so am hoping that Lost Lake ends up a nice color to go with it.

The Cookie book is lovely. Received mine last week and have a second copy ordered for a friend. She just doesn't know yet that it is her birthday gift. Grin!
I hope the doctor gives you the ok to knit. I got my yarn yesturday and I fell in love with the sheer softness of shimmer. Now I just need to wind it up.(sigh).
Yes, I can knit. The ball winder and I didn't exactly work together. I think I shot one ball into space! Maybe I turned the crank too hard?
Have we a fuzzy new star in space????
My ball winder constantly does this. It must be me though because every ball winder I try does it. :)
I got so tired of breaking my ball winders that I finally splurged on the heavy duty one from Nancy's Knit Knacks and I've never regretted spending the money on it. I think it may have been a present to myself!
I received some skeins of various colors of Shimmer that I ordered, but I haven't put in my full order for the sweater yet. I'm waiting until after my vacation next week, and for one item that I need that won't be available until the end of the month. That way I'll have enough in my order for free shipping, and also the time to concentrate on it.

My only problem is.........I am soooooo jealous of all of you who have the yarn already and can begin. The skeins of Shimmer I received make me drool -- I want to use them! I just wish I remembered what I ordered them for... :-( Oh, well, rest assured I'll find a use for them!
Don't be jealous! I'm already ripping out as a lesson for the group. You can benefit from watching all of us!


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