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I was thinking of making this cardi again, but wanted to use the new Gloss DK. Would this be a good yarn to use instead of double Gloss lace weight?

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You have to swatch anyway. I would make a swatch using the Gloss DK. You might want to go up on the needle size so your fabric isn't too stiff or dense. Take your sts/in and use that to find out how many sts you need for your size. (sts/in X chest/waist/hip measurement = sts to CO.) Then you can select the "size" in the pattern that is close to the right number of sts. This should work. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. --P
What a great idea!
Several of the shown combinations use gloss.
Way back when this first started, I posted about using Palette out of my stash instead of 2 strands of lace weight. I got the correct gauge when I swatched. I have finished 1 sweater for my niece, just need to block it; and have started a second for my daughter. I got waylaid working on some summer cotton knitting, but am back on DD's sweater.
I want to see a photo!!
I think we all want to see photos.
I'm so glad you asked this...the Gloss color I wanted has been discontinued, and I've been eyeing some Gloss Sock, as I thought that might be comparable to two lace strands. I completely forgot that Gloss also comes in DK. I am VERY interested to know if the DK was close to two lace strands and what other types of adjustments you had to make. Please let meknow!

Puffy: The cardigan is really more like sport-weight gauge (23-26 st/4" for sport vs. the 25 sts/4" for the cardi, if I remember right). You could go down needles sizes and get the gauge, but I'm afraid it would affect the drape and elasticity of the finished fabric. I think using the Gloss Sock yarn as a single might work better. I would try a swatch and see how it comes out. Otherwise, you could do swatches until you get the right drape with the DK and then do the math to change your pattern. It's not that hard. --Peggy
Oh, Peggy, thanks for that. I was trying to remember whether two lace strands equalled one fingering or one sport or whatever, and I was trying to do that by comparing the yardage in 50 grams. But I never thought to look at the spi (duh!). I wanted to come close to avoid having to order several skeins in dfferent sizes and then having more one-skein orphans in my stash (and perhaps never being able to match the dye lots etc to use them in anything else). My original color choice in Gloss is only available any more in Worsted. At least, if I buy two skeins of the Gloss sock in a similar color, I can always make a pair of socks!!

I had already ordered 8 skeins of Alpaca Cloud when my first choice was unavailable It's lovely but TOO drapey for the look I wanted for business wear. So the Alpaca Cloud is now destined to become a lovely shawl pattern I found.

Thanks for that idea and advice.
Puffy: You're welcome! I adore Alpaca Cloud. It will make a great shawl. I did my CLiC using Shadow with Shimmer for the CC. I think it would be great for business wear. In fact, I have plans (and the yarn) for a skirt out of the Shadow and a shell out of the Shimmer. Happy knitting! --P
I have asked you before about the skirt you plan to make. Do you have a pattern for it yet? I'm dithering back and forth among several nice ones in the Handknit Skirts from Tricoter book by Linden Ward and Beryl Hiatt.


P.S. I've started on my 3rd CLC, but have other UFOs that I HAVE to finish before I can finish this one for me.


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