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I know, I must be one of the very last people to be finishing their CLC. I'm a slow bee. :)

The steeking went well, and I am now knitting the front bands. What I've been scouring the board for are pics of other people's wrong side of the band and steek. I'd love to compare what I see with what other's have done, to see if I've done things correctly.

Please post pics of your inside steek and bands!!! Many thanks!


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I'll try to get a picture when I get home and post it for you.
Thank you so much!
I posted in response to your query on Ravelry and have two close-ups of my steek and button band on my project page there.  {ema2two's Steeked cardigan is how it's listed on Rav}

Thank you! I posted this on Ravelry, but also thought that posting here might also garner some answers. 


That is what mine looks like. Did you just leave the cut edges loose on the inside? I was thinking about sandwiching mine in between the border band when I turn it and sew it down on the inside, thus hiding it completely. What do you think?  It does make it a thick border that way,though.


I closed the cut edge into the border.  It is a bit thick, but it makes a very nice finish.



Yes - this is what I am wanting to do! Thank you for showing me that it works very well, and looks so professional.
I agree, a thicker edge, but it gives it some umph!  It is a good structural edge for the sweater, not to whimpy and flyaway?  Janet

I finished!  It turned out great, I think. 

inside,edge whipstitched down

Right side of front band.

Sandwiching the steeked edge between the fold.

Pre-soak.  All done.  :)

Gorgeous!  I love your colors!  Inspiration to get my game in gear and get busy! 



Thank you!  :)   I'm very happy it's done.  Right now it's being blocked and awaiting the hook and eyes I'll be using along the front edge.

Go get 'em, Janet, you can do it!  Hugs back, Suzy

Thanks, I have been busy trying to reorganize my stash of yarns and list on Ravelry.  I didn't realize just how long it was going to take me, ughhhh!   So I have got about half listed.  Sent those bins downstairs again.  Now to finish, maybe, lol.  I want to knit.  Maybe I will just make sure my sock yarns are together, lace together, etc...  that should do it, for now.



Don't worry about being "last"-different people are starting at different times and working at different rates. I think we'll have company for as long as we choose to on this KAL.

Your photo is terrific-really nice work! I can't wait till mine reaches that stage!


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