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Hey, everyone! Let's see what you've done so far! I'll start. Here's my progress. I have the first sleeve about 1/2 done:


This is a fun project. Happy knitting! --Peggy

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Angela, it is fun seeing how we improve. Your sweater is really looking great.
Very nice! Can't wait to see it done! --P
Angela, Your sleeves look great. It is nice to be able to get the hem knitted as your working on it. What a relief not to have to go back and do it at the end! I really hate sewing all the seams together and doing the finishing. Your colors are really pretty too. Robin
Well, here is hopefully a picture of my sleeves. I started the body and feel like it will take forever to get it knit up, but will plod on because I love to knit AND crochet. Robin
Good job! (They look just like mine except for the color.) The body will go fast. All you have to think about is adding the CC every 6th least after you get past the hem. I like to knit and spin and quilt. Crochet is nice, too, but I don't do it as much. --P
Robin, I love your colors. Those are colors I think I would choose myself.
I'm working on the collar!!! I don't know what happened! All of a sudden my sweater is flying through my needles!

I am a bit nervous to see if everything fits O.K., but I'll be on to steeks soon.

When I am done the collar I'll post a pic!
Chelsea: Good for you! We can't wait to see the photo! Be careful, though. Soon you'll be as obsessed as the rest of us. --P
I finished both my sleeves! And the body is done. Now I have to connect it all. I'd better go back and look at the pattern. I was so fixated on finishing the second sleeve, I hadn't even thought about figuring out how to put it all together!
Angela: It wasn't that hard, but let us know if you have trouble. Sometimes we don't always read things the way the designer intended. At least that's usually my problem. I thought this pattern was pretty clear. I can't wait to see your sweater! --P
Believe it or not, I now have my accent yarn in a ball and two balls of the main color in balls! And since I chose to use a meat tenderizer as a nosepinne (???) I have a center-pulling ball, too!!!! Hopefully I will be able to use both inner and outer threads to do sleeves two at a time.
Janet: Let us know how you get on! --P


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