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Hey, everyone! Let's see what you've done so far! I'll start. Here's my progress. I have the first sleeve about 1/2 done:


This is a fun project. Happy knitting! --Peggy

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Angel: Welcome to the sock KAL! --P
Angel, nothing wrong with another KAL!
You're a hoot! I'm not up to keeping current with 2 groups right now. Heres a
not-so-hot picture of my finished sock. It fits my big foot perfectly. Not so bad for
a very first sock. -- Judith

Wow, Judith, that's beautiful. Love the design and the colors!
You are an angel. Thank you for the lavish praise. I am quite
pleased with myself but didn't want anyone to think I have
a "swelled head". See, Mom is still in my head and she's been
dead for 16 years.
Judith: Lovely socks! What a great pattern for self-striping yarn! It's interesting and gives texture, but doesn't interfere with the stripes! --P
Thank you. Since I consider you a master knitter, I really appreciate
your opinion. The pattern is Uptown Boot Socks by Jennifer Appleby
for Interweave Knits, Winter 2003. It's also in the book 'Favorite Socks'.
I think it is even more beautiful in a solid color, which I think will be my
second pair of socks. They look great on me. My feet and legs were
always good and now are the only part of me that hasn't sagged and
I really appreciate that fact. -- Judith
I consider Peggy a master knitter too. Everything she knits is beautiful and perfectly executed. Judith, thanks for giving the pattern for your socks. I'd like to try a pattern now that I have more confidence. Also wonder what yarn you used. (Never thought about it, but my feet don't sag either. That's a positive thought!) Ha
Is there anyone out there that doesn't think Peggy is a master knitter. ....silence, dead silence...... Is that someone trying to sneak out with their tail between their legs? Ohhh, I guess not. It's unanimous, Peggy is a master knitter!!!
I blush to tell you that the yarn I used was an inexpensive
acrylic by Red Heart called Heart and Sole. The color was
Watercolor Stripe. I wasn't sure I wouldn't totally mess up
the socks and I knew I would feel worse if it were really good
yarn. It's the first non-Knit Picks yarn I have used in ages. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!! --Judith
If you were nervous about messing up, you chose well for your experiment. I'd give you an A+ even though it is Red Heart.
You know, Judith, Red Heart has been around forever (my mom always used it since she was living on soc. sec. and knit baby layettes for Salvation Army), and pretty sock yarn like this is the reason.


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