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Hey, everyone! Let's see what you've done so far! I'll start. Here's my progress. I have the first sleeve about 1/2 done:


This is a fun project. Happy knitting! --Peggy

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Oh, I like, I like!!!
Very pretty! --P
Here I go, ready to steek:

It's too early for a glass of wine. Wish me luck! --Peggy
I can't wait! It's really looking good. ThoughI have to admit I'm glad it's you doing the cutting and not me! Steeking still scares me.
You know, it doesn't scare me anymore. I think it has helped watching everyone else doing it first! --P
I am getting less scared but the thought of cutting knitting still gives me the shakes. I don't know why, because I think nothing of "felting" something!
I'll let you know how it goes! --Peggy
Is everyone ready to steek? I finished the stitching and put the kettle on. Here we go--

Deep breath. The first cut:

(Be sure you have good light for this.) And kids, DO try this at home!

Steek is done:

Another view:

Now to pick up sts for the band. I used one circ and a crochet hook, pulling the yarn up through the st and putting it on the end of the needle. Don't forget to skip every 4th st. I ended with 4 sts was the end! Here's what it looks like now. I'm ready to knit the band! Woooohoooo!!!

Wooo hooo!!! Way to go Peggy!!!
Hey, I'm still alive! I survived the steek! Now, where is Susan "NoKnitSherlock" and her "steeking badges?" --P
Well done Peggy!!!!
You deserve an "Atta Girl!" for not passing out before, during or after the steek and without the help of liquid courage, no less! I now present you with the very prestigious? Steeking Badge - You have earned it! Congratulations on a truely masterful steek. (insert trumpets, confetti & crowd cheers HERE)
~Susan xxx

(kinda lame, but it's all I could come up with on short notice.....) ;)
Very cool!! Great job Peggy and Susan on the badge. :) We can call him Mr. Steek.


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