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Here goes, I thougth I was correct on my gauge, but I put the stitches of my body onto a scrap yarn, and tried it out.  I have between 2 and 3 inches of extra ease/room in the body.  I don't want a really snug fitting sweater, so should I just leave it as it is, or should I take it out again and downsize a couple more inches???



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Never mind this entry, I answered my own question, lol.  I just couldn't handle 3 inches plus in ease, so ripped it out, and starting over.

Catch you later


Hey Janet,

I had the exact same problem--the sleeves were fine, but when I started the body with the # of sts for that size, it was huge! I, too, had about 3 extra inches.  I ripped mine out and started over, thinking that it must be that I am knitting at a lot looser gauge on the body. However, the fabric I am knitting looks nice, not as if the needles are too large, so I am keeping the same needle size.  I will double check this one after I have an inch or so knitted to make sure this one isn't 3 inches too tight!


For future reference, if this happens and you have knit a lot of it before you notice, the extra fabric can be removed with the steek. You just have to move the position of the sleeves toward the back some, so that the number of front sts minus the steek sts equals the number of back sts. It's going to be cut away anyway. If you have only done a few rnds, though, it's actually faster to rip out and start the body over. You save time by not knitting those extra sts every rnd. (I knit mine on two long circs--one for the front and one for the back--so I could try on any time.) Enjoy! You are going to love this sweater!

Yup, that's what I was going to suggest, too.


Thanks girls!  I didn't think about adjusting it with the steeking.  Oh well, at least knitting in the round is pretty fast for me. 



You have made me feel much better, everyone!

I wound up with a huge sweater, which I'm wearing around the house and love, but was disappointed not to get what I'd hoped for.

This makes me feel like it wasn't just me.

Nope, Beth, definitely not by yourself in gauge issues, lol.  I always have issues.  I suppose it has to do with the fact that I am a very "loose" or slack knitter.  So keeping it tight is not my problem, making it too loose is, lol.  So I hav already pulled it out, to recast on and get going again. 



I had gauge issues, too. I couldn't get the right number of rnds/" when I had the sts/" correct!

I almost never get the same number of rounds they call for in the guage.  I usually don't worry about it if the stitch guage is correct.  Unless, of course, the say that the row guage is important.  Usually the rows/rounds can be increased/decreased to get the length called for.


Yes, I don't worry too much if the row gauge is off, it can always be fixed easy just by knitting fewer rows or more rows.  Definitely the stitch gauge is whats more important. 



Mine was off by so much, I had to adjust the dec's. I just figured out how far it was between dec's in the pattern and changed the number of rnds to give me the right distance. Worked great!


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