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I can't straighten it out, but since the knit goes straight around, I'm hoping that's the case.

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I would not count on that. I had the same thing happen to me when I first started my sweater. I bet I had knit at least 4 inches before realizing that it was actually twisted.

It will be very very difficult for you to add your sleeves and do the decreasing if you don't start over. It isn't that bad...take it from someone that knows;-)  If you have your sweater on a long enough cable, you can actually try it on at certain intervals.

Don't be stupid like me and try to bring it up over your hips unless you are very slim hipped. It is very easy to slip over your head, though and get your arms in.

Be very sure to take care with your sleeves. There have been some issues with them being too short or too long...mine are plenty long but it is a cardigan so it isn't as big a deal. I made a lot of mistakes and had some real issues with this sweater but I learned a lot and the others on this site were a tremendous inspiration. 

Good luck and keep us informed. Please take out the stitches and start over or you will get very frustrated, I think.  vk

The sleeves were the sticking point in my thinking-I'm sorry to have that confirmed, but better now than later. Thanks, Virginia. I have a 60" cable, so your suggestion on fitting as I go will come in handy. It just came to me last night that most of what I've done over the last several years has been afghans and throws-all straight work. Had forgotten how long it's been since I last made a sweater! Have 2 of them on needles right now, this one and one using a single ball of yarn at a time that's my "portable" project. Appreciate the input!


Glad I could be of some help. I hope you hadn't gotten too far with your "mobius" before realizing it. I didn't use the yarn from KP but got some lace weight lovely yarn at a LYS near my home in north east Iowa. I also did not do the contrasting yarn every 6 rows. I thought dealing with 2 balls at a time was enough for my first sweater. That soft, fine yarn makes a lovely fabric but it doesn't have much 'body' to it, so it can feel very flimsy. I wish I had tried it on more in the knitting process. Be careful with those sleeves. The underarm area seems to kind of pull down so it hangs maybe 2 or 3 inches from the actual armpit, so don't make your sleeves too long. I could tell you about several dumb things I did on this, my first sweater attempt, but it was a learning experience. Good luck.   vk

This is the first time I've used a lace weight yarn, and first tried winding it without putting it around anything-oof, did I have a mess! Since my cat hasn't mastered holding skeins of yarn for me, and I don't have any ladderback chairs, I quickly invested in a yarn swift, which solved that problem. I've finished the sleeves, but was only a couple of inches into the body, trying to convince myself that the twist could be worked around-I had put this aside for awhile so hadn't made as much progress as I might have, thankfully. I've purposely made this rather oversized, but saw others' warnings on the forum about sleeve length, so kept it pretty close to the pattern. I made quite a few sweaters when I was in high school and college, but not much since. I did make one of Cat Bordhi's actual "Moebius" scarves-in the winter I twist it around my head and neck, so it serves as both a cowl and a scarf-comfy!


For the cardigan, I'm using the Basalt Heather shown with the pattern, but with the Sherry shimmer as contrast-the grey and wine look nice together, and the stripe is visible without screaming. 

Hi Deb, sleeves should work fine for you, definitely try on as you go.  If you don't have a long enough cable length, thread another strand of cotton waste yarn through and remove your cables so that you can try on easier.  Also, My warning about the upper portion of the cardi is measure yourself, and your knitting to figure the number of rows you will need to finish correctly for the upper body portion.  I found that I am a shorter measurement than a lot of people, so once I finished knitting, the first time, had to take it completely out until I figured I needed to measure this area and refigure my rate of decreases for the raglan.  Take care, and speak up if you have anymore questions. 




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